When All IS Bared

When All is Bared

I first saw her at a conference, how I missed her before she got up and addressed the audience I will never know. 
Her beauty was pure, natural and called to me. 
Usually I would be drawn to a woman who was a natural submissive, but this woman, there was something about her.

I can’t say I listened to what she spoke about, my mind was too occupied with watching the way her body moved as she spoke, the way her eyes glistened with passion surrounding her chosen subject. 
With this being a mental health convention I knew what her speech surrounded and for now that would do.

Her voice was gentle, I could envision her soft moans as I pleasured her, her tone of voice as she begged me for more. 
I sat through the rest of her speech with a raging hard on, luckily my briefcase was able to hide my tented pants both as I sat and when I left. 
My only thoughts were finding out where this woman worked so I could spend some time with her.

Now here I sit three months later, her class is small with only 20 or so people. 
It turned out she was a Mental Health Wellbeing Coach, her role included going to different organisations to teach wellbeing and resilience to workforces. 
Being the owner of my business I would usually allow the managers to take care of this but with her…I wanted to listen..to watch…to explore.

Her name is Jane Layton and I have decided she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. 
I listen as she addresses my employees, her smile lights up the room as she introduces herself. 
Instantly the room is still and I know people are drawn to her just as much as I am.

Throughout her workshop I take note of her body language, as she speaks her hands flow gently as if complimenting her words. 
Anyone who asks her a question has her undivided attention, her confidence flows from her and she answers with precision never saying more than she needs to. 
When she thinks her bottom lip is taken between her teeth, I don’t know if she knows she does this but its subtle and sensual. 
I shift my legs under the conference table allowing my hardening cock to have more room.

Up to now I have stayed quiet, her eyes keep meeting mine as if questioning who I am before going back to other people in the room. 
We will be introduced soon,  soon she will know who I am and she will be pulled to me in the same way I am to her. 
You might think me cocky but I prefer confident and self assured.

During the break she sits at the table, her hands wrapped around her coffee cup, I take the opportunity to speak to her. 
I stand over her and watch for a moment as she looks down to her phone, her kindle app is open and I try to read what it says seeing only the words ‘her obedience was his’….Interesting!

Ms Layton notices my presence and quickly closes her phone, a dusting of pink colours her cheeks and I wonder if she knows I could see her phone.

“Ms Layton” I start but she interrupts me

“Please call me Jane, I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name” Her fingers caress a pen which she now holds

“Thank you, Jane. 
I’m Chris, thank you for coming along today, I know you will be bringing a lot to my organisation” Her face lights up at my statement… beautiful.

“Thank you Chris, I do aim to please”. My eyebrow quirks “I mean, my organisation aims to please, we put 100% into our programmes and we always get amazing results.”

“Really!, that’s good to know”. 
Nice save.

Jane becomes nervous now, her eyes dart around the room as a silence passes between us.

“Jane, do you do 1:1 coaching? I really feel that as the owner of this organisation I could do with putting together a plan for my employee’s wellbeing.” 
Again her face lights up at my suggestion.

“I would be more than happy to help you, it’s nice that you’re taking such an interest in the wellbeing of your employees”.

“Yes…. That’s exactly what I’m doing” Nothing to do with the fact that I want to get you on your own.

When people start to return to their seats I excuse myself and return to my own. 
I turn my focus to her lecture now, making sure I take in the information I need for our 1:1.
She starts to talking about Dominant thought processes, each time she says ‘Dominant’ she looks at me. 
It’s as if she knows.  

The rest of the session goes well and I must admit that I learned a lot, wellbeing is something that is fairly new to the health and safety policy and I find her….the information very interesting.

At the end of the session I lead her to my office and ask my PA to ensure we are not disturbed.

“Please take a seat Jane.” I point to the chair in front of my desk, I do not sit but lean my hips on my desk, again I am stood over her. 
She looks up at me, her eyes trying to assess exactly what the situation is.

“Chris, why do I get the impression you’ve called me up here for something more than just my knowledge?”

I smile, a small laugh escapes my lips which is then followed by my words. “How observant of you, I would actually like to speak to you about Dominance”

“Excuse me?” Her chest begins to rise and fall a little quicker, she is either worried or excited so I begin to push a little more to test the waters.

“In your session…. You spoke about negative Dominant thoughts and submissive positive thoughts”

“Yes I did”.  
Her breathing slows. “Unfortunately negative Dominant thought processes can hinder an employee’s ability to give 100 percent.”

So in order for an employee to gain positivity they need to allow their negativity to become submissive and their positivity to prevail. 
This I presume happens through guidance, persistence and determination.” 
Her brow creases

“Yes in a way you are right, for many people they find it hard to see their strengths and achievements so they develop a negative perception of themselves. 
Through guidance their view can be changed”.

“Through Dominance?”

“Um, I suppose the person coaching or guiding would need to have some element of dominance. Otherwise their own perception may be changed.”

“That’s not what I mean, allow me to elaborate. 
In my experience, someone who is unsure of themselves can bloom if they have someone to praise them depending on their behaviour.”

“Positive reinforcement is a very well known theory on changing behaviour ..yes” I tap my fingers on the desk, my eyes firmly on hers. 
Her cheeks have heated and I presume from the way she rubs her thighs together that she knows we are dancing to the same tune.

“For example, if you were to do something that pleased me, I would praise you or reward you which would lead you to want to please me more.” 
I stand up and walk behind her, my hand resting on her shoulders.

“Chris, I’m not one for beating around the bush” She turns her head, her eyes finding mine.

“In which case Jane, I would like you to stand up and lean over the desk..hands flat on the glass and legs apart.” 
I stand with my hands behind my back and wait patiently, her bottom lip disappears between her teeth as she thinks about her response.

Slowly she rises to her feet, her black heels tap on the floor as she steps forward. 
She leans over, her hands going to the desk in front of her. 
“Well done Jane, that was perfect.” 
Her face turns towards me as she hesitantly smiles.

“Tell me, have you ever submitted before?”
  Again I lean on the desk next to her.

“No, but I have read about it in books and have seen 50 Shades of Grey” I roll my eyes, that film, although nicely put together gave such the wrong impression of BDSM.

“I’m going to give you a taster of this lifestyle, I will not hurt you…mark you or scare you. 
This is for our mutual pleasure and not because it’s the only way to release anger or frustration, I would never scene if I was feeling anything but happy…do you understand?”

“Yes Chris, I understand”.

“Because this is your first experience I want you to say ‘stop’ should I do anything that you are not comfortable with. 
Do you understand?”

“Yes Chris…um Sir? Do I call you Sir?

“No my dear, I have not earned the right to be called your Sir…yet, Chris is fine for now”.

I run my hand up her inner thigh, my fingers run along her stockings and I feel my cock harden, she is so god damn sexy.
  My own impatience leads me to pull her skirt up her thighs and over her bottom to reveal her beautiful globes, her flesh begs to be reddened and I have to use all of my restraint to not take that pleasure there and

My hands caress her cheeks, giving them a tight squeeze in-between feather light strokes. 
She lets out a little moan and it is just as sensual as I thought it would be. 
My hands wander to her black thong, I push the material aside and take a moment to fully appreciate her most intimate place.

“You have a very pretty pussy Jane, I’m going to take lots of pleasure in making you cum.” 
Her body tenses at my words.  She doesn’t speak. She only arches her back and I take this as a sign to carry on.

My fingers trail from her bottom to her clit which is now perky and lubricated in her own juices. 
My thumb rubs gently at her entrance, her silky slit begging to be licked. 
As my fingers circle her sensitive bud she can’t help but buck her hips. 
Her hand reaches behind her to find me and rests on my leg…a mistake which she will pay for.

“Jane, Put your hand back on the table. 
For that lack of obedience I will punish you, if you do it again the punishment will double.” 
Her hand goes back to the table.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…it just happened…it won’t happen again”.

“You’re right my dear it won’t. 
Negative reinforcement remember……”

I swear I hear her huff a little as she takes in my words. 
My fingers begin to rub her clit a little faster, her moans increase as my thumb enters her, she is so tight…I can’t wait to feel how tight she is around my cock.

Her body begins to tense and her clit swells so I remove my hand from her and step away.

Her frustration shows not only in her eyes but also in her voice. “Why did you stop???”

“Do not question me again Jane, I do what I want to do. 
Just remember, being disobedient means I can inflict or deny whatever I like. 
Now get down on your knees.”

Gracefully she does as she was told, her beautiful body now knelt at my feet, her eyes fixed on the bulge beneath my pants.

“Take out my cock and wrap your lips around me, I want you to suck me…show me how much you’re enjoying yourself.”

I watch as she carefully lowers my zip, when she finds no underwear she looks up at me and smiles. 
She wraps her hand around my length and frees me from my confines. 
My cock looks huge in her tiny hands, her eyes widen as she stares at me…taking in every inch, every vein.
  Her tongue gently licks the tip of my cock then slowly traces the edge of my head before coming to a stop at the tip.

“If you keep teasing me Jane I’m going to take over…. Fuck me with your mouth.”

She smiles the smallest wicked grin, she knows what she is doing…trying to play me at my own game but this is one she will never win. 
I allow her to take me in…inch by inch until she can no longer fit any more of my length inside her mouth. 
I can feel her choke around my cock as she slowly begins to pull me from her mouth. 
I take her head in my hands and take control, this is not the time for teasing. 
I thrust my hips and slam my cock into her mouth, her muffled cry is like music to my ears, I pull my cock out of her mouth and slap her lips with it. “You will do as you’re told Jane…..open!” I demand.

She opens her mouth so I can place the tip of my cock inside, taking a tight grip of her hair I begin to fuck her mouth forcefully, I can feel my cock hitting the back of her throat, her mouth fills with saliva which only spurs
me on.  When she gags I pull out, giving her a moment to catch her breath before entering her again. 
Her hands go to my legs as she braces herself, her moans vibrate around my cock and I feel my balls tighten, I release her hair and pull out of her. 
My fingers go to her chin and I lift her face to see tears, her once perfect mascara now running down her cheeks.

“Good girl Jane, Your mouth is amazing.” She smiles at my words.

I pull her to her feet and proceed to remove her shirt allowing it to fall to her feet, I pull her bra straps down and watch as my movements bare her breasts. 
I position her in front of the desk and I lift her onto it, spreading her thighs to allow me to get closer to her. 
I push my cock down so it rests at her entrance, she lifts her hips in readiness for me to fuck her. 
I look at her, my eyes are stern, reminding her that I am in control. 

My hands go to her breasts, I squeeze them, relishing in the thought of how good my cock would be thrusting between them. 
My fingertips tweak her beautiful pink nipples, she squeaks as I do so. Her head falls back which thrusts her beautiful tits higher into the air. 
I take a pert nipple into my mouth, my teeth graze it, which makes her stiffen, her breathing halts…she is hesitant…is she scared that I may bite down? 
Instead I suck each one, her moans become louder and I feel her pussy dampen around my cock.

“Please fuck me Chris.” She whispers, how could I say no to this beautiful woman.

“Turn around Jane, hands on the desk and arse in the air.” 
She does so in one swift motion, I love her excitement.

Her bottom tilts into the air, I run my hands over it.

“You moved your hand when I told you to keep them on the table Jane. 
It’s time to give you your punishment….brace yourself.”

I didn’t give her much time to comprehend my words as I brought my hand down on her bottom, she gasps as my hand leaves her with a harsh sting. She tries to lift her body from the desk but my hand on her back stops her. 
“Do not move!” I warn.

My cock throbs with each slap, begging for its entrance to her hot, wet pussy. 
My hand tingles as I rain down nine more slaps to her beautiful bottom, her cheeks now a gorgeous shade of red. 
On the tenth slap she screams out loud simultaneously I thrust my cock deep into her pussy and start pounding into her. 
She was so tight…so wet, her body was made perfectly for mine.

My hands found her waist, I took hold made my grip tight and used her body for leverage as I slammed into her. 
With every thrust she moaned, she shouted my name… like ecstasy from her lips. 
I could feel myself getting close to cumming so I moved my hand around to her clit and began to rub it, my fingers no longer gentle but desperate to feel her pussy clench around me.

She was so fucking beautiful in her submission, her body laid out in front of me for my pleasure. 
Her body began to tense, I pulled my cock from her, slapped her reddened bottom then forced my way back in. 
I gripped her hair and pulled her head back as her orgasm pushed her over the edge, she screamed again, but louder, her pussy clenched like a vice around my cock as she came. I couldn’t hold back anymore as my own orgasm erupted inside her.

We stayed in that position for a moment whilst we caught our breath, my lips went to her back as I kissed her gently.

“Stay there Jane, I’ll be right back” She did as she was told and I was rewarded with seeing our juices flow from her now pink and puffy pussy…perfect. 
I gently wiped our juices away and returned her thong to its rightful place. 
I picked her up and sat down with her on my lap, cradling her as she beamed in her glow. 
We sat in silence, she felt perfect in my lap. 
I couldn’t help but smile, she fulfilled all of my expectations.

“Jane…. How are you feeling?”

She looked up at me…her eyes in a dream like state. “I feel amazing…that was…. Wow”.

“Yes…it was, you were amazing, your submission is beautiful Jane and I’d like more. 
Now you have had a taster I would like you to think about if you would want to do this again, I would like to introduce you to more of my world… show you what Dominance and submission is really like. 
I’d like you to feel the sting of my whip and the kiss of my flogger, what do you think about that?”

Jane looked to me, she smiled…her words giving me what I needed to hear. “Yes please Sir

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