A Cinema Experience

I stood in line at the cinema waiting to see the latest horror movie that everyone was raving on about, I’d waited to see the film until the last minute as I find people screaming at moments which are not particularly scary extremely irritating.

I finally bought my ticket and headed for screen three, as I walked through the doors I did the same thing I do every time, prayed no one was sat in the back row.  I love the back row, sitting there always reminds me of being a kid, knowing I could chuck popcorn at anyone in front of me, and could never be the target of anyone behind me, but if anyone else asks, it’s a better view.

I turned the corner and looked to the back of the staircase, empty…wonderful. I glided to the top, pulled down the centre seat which was located directly at the top of the staircase, and with a satisfied smile on my face I sat and waited for the film to start.

I know to many it may seem strange a 25 year old female sitting on her own in the cinema, but to me it was great, I didn’t have to listen to friends talking through the movie, didn’t have to keep saying no to the continuous offer of popcorn or the annoying rustling of toffee papers and I could enjoy the buzz after the film and not have it disturbed.  By the buzz I mean the feeling that you’re a part of the film even when you have left, like the way you go and see an action film and when you walk out, anyone could jump out at you, and you could knock them down and become the hero, ….is that just me who feels like that? Who knows, but it was just me,  on my own and that was the way I liked it.

Once I was settled the doors opened to allow a couple through, a group of youngish guys and one lone male, all apart from the lone male sat towards the front, but he decided to come further into my space, As he walked up the staircase he looked at me and smiled, I didn’t smile back, making any connection to anyone whilst being on my own always seemed a little tedious, so I pretended to watch the screen in front of me as advertisements for upcoming films were showcasing.  The point where I could no longer ignore him came when his ass was directly in front of my face as he shifted past me to sit a few seats away.

As he sat down  I looked at him in such a way that he apologised and smiled, there was something very confident about his smile, but I ignored him and carried on pretending I was engrossed in what I was watching.  I sat back in my seat and was just about to settle when I heard rustling to my left, I turned to see the lone guy really enjoying his bag of peanut M&M’s to the point where his hand left his mouth and went straight back into the bag, teasing his senses with the anticipation of further chocolate covered nuts…. How annoying!!!

I rolled my eyes  in his direction and huffed…a little too loud, he turned and looked at me.

‘Can I help you with something?’

Oh my god, the nerve of him, yes you can help me with something, you can shove the bag up your arse until the film has finished!

‘ No, I’m ok thanks, its just, well, your rustling the sweets bag very loud and I can hardly hear the film’

I gave him what I thought was a sweet smile and turned away.

‘Excuse me Miss, these are the trailers, no one is interested in them, so I really don’t see the problem’

He raised his eyebrow at me and smiled sarcastically.  What an irritating twa..

‘ Actually I’m interested in the trailers and I’d like you to please just lower the tone a little’.

I smiled again and turned away, only to be shocked when he picked up his things and sat next to me.  He turned to me, put his hand in his sweet bag and started to talk.

‘So you like the trailers huh? Which has been your favourite so far?  The boring one about possession? The boring one about the ghost in the old house, or could it be the boring one about the possessed person who lives in the house with the ghost?’

I looked at him and couldn’t help but laugh, ok I caved, but I couldn’t help myself, I found this guy amusingly irritating, which is a step up from how I usually find people in the cinema.

‘Actually I like the look of the one involving an annoying guy in the cinema who eats peanut M&M’s and the girl who murders him out of desperation to watch a film in peace’

I folded my arms and looked at him waiting for his reaction.

‘ Wow, you folded your arms you must mean business’

He placed his hand back in his sweet bag and smiled.   ‘Would you like a M&M?’ He smiled sweetly and I took that to be an apology, for some unknown reason I reached into the bag, I was just about to pick up a single sweet when he pulled the bag away. ‘Sorry, I only share with people who think trailers are boring’.  He giggled to himself and turned to face the front.

I could not believe what had just happened, the cheek of him, I sat in my seat, head turned looking at him for what felt like a long time,  I was trying to work out what had just happened when he looked at me once again.

‘Films starting’  He pointed at the screen ,smiled and looked away.

I shook my head and giggled and turned away, at least now the film had started it would be easier to ignore him.

Half an hour into the film and I was engrossed to the point where the rustling of his sweets bag could no longer be heard.  The screen in front of me invited me to view the sinister life of a man who had died via the electric chair for his murderous sins, followed by the usual blonde beauty who was fully dressed but soon to be dead and half naked.  Usually films like this don’t make me jump but for some reason, whilst the blonde was running away from something that was following her, I found myself getting rather anxious, to the point where my heart was racing with hers, waiting for the unexpected to show itself.  The blonde was just about to run into a log cabin when from no where……. A hand slapped itself down on my arm and I jumped out of my seat and screamed.

The guy next to me burst out into laughter as the others in the room turned to look at me, I sunk down into my seat and shaded my eyes with my hands.

‘I can not believe you just did that!!, you annoying little prick, you scared the hell out of me!!’

I turned to look at him, he was so amused with himself, he gently rubbed my arm as he smiled.

The embarrassment was too much as my face heated and the adrenaline raced through my body, I couldn’t just sit there and watch the film now, I had to calm down before I punched this guy in the face.  I got up and briskly walked down the staircase, out the door and into the ladies toilets where I began to pace up and down, whilst trying to take in what had happened.  The bright lights stung my eyes for a second but once they adjusted  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, the colour red  graced my cheeks which embarrassed me even more.

My pacing was interrupted by the door swinging open to reveal the smug smile of the guy who was sat next to me.  He walked through and leaned up against the sinks not taking his eyes off me.  I had not noticed how tall he was, he was a lot taller than my little 5’4 frame, I’d have to take a little jump to slap him across the face which at this time seemed like a good idea.

He walked over to me and placed his hands on my shoulders ‘ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, you just seemed so up yourself and I wanted to make you laugh, I went too far.’

 My breathing was still erratic, I looked into his big green eyes and imagined myself kicking him so hard that he fell to the floor in a heap, but before I knew what I was doing I reached up, placed my hands behind his neck and pulled him down, ensuring his lips met mine. I kissed him!!!!

His hands moved from my shoulders, his finger tips playfully tickled my neck as he  placed one hand on either side of my face. He pulled me closer into a deeper kiss, our tongues danced in what turned out to be the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. I could feel myself being drawn into him, my body heated as the intensity of the kiss made my heart dance . As much as my mind screamed at me for kissing a total and very annoying stranger, my body yearned for more.

His hands went to my bottom as he lifted me on to the sink, the porcelain was cold and uncomfortable to sit on but I didn’t care, I was enjoying myself.  He parted my legs so that he could stand in between them as he pressed himself against me, the prominent bulge in his now tight jeans pressed against my now tingling and heating core.  My hands snuck their way under his t-shirt to feel his hot toned body, his skin felt glorious beneath my touch which only made me want to feel more.

He moved his hands to my thighs and pulled up my skirt, as soon as his hands met my skin my body lit up even more.  I could feel myself start to want him, I wanted to feel him pressed up against me, wanted to touch him in ways I’d never dreamt of. Once my skirt was to the top of my thighs he trailed one hand to the edge of my white lacy thong,  his finger tips pressed gently on the lace as he found my clit  and began to gently massage it.  I let out a little moan, his fingers felt amazing, although they had not yet made their way through the lace, my body was spiralling.

I looked up into his beautiful lustful green eyes,  His facial expressions told me that he wanted to rip clothes off and take me there and then and I was not going to complain.  He winked at me and pulled me to the edge of the sink unit.  He spread my legs further apart and crouched down in front of me, my breath caught in my throat as the anticipation for what he was going to do over whelmed me.

He placed his hands on my legs keeping them apart as his tongue gently teased my clit through the lace of my thong. I could feel my body heating with every luscious lick, my clit tingled with excitement beneath his tongue as my nipples strained against the lace of my bra. Waves of ecstasy  began consume me as he applied a little more pressure with his tongue , his hands massaged my thighs heightening my pleasure.  I trailed my hands to my breasts and started to tease them through my t shirt which only made my tingling clit intensify.   I was fully aware that anyone could walk through the door and see us, and if they did, they would have one hell of a show.

My body began to tense with each stroke of his tongue, I braced myself on the unit as I began to shudder, my moaning became more frequent and louder as my body rippled with pleasure.  His hands held me in place as my intense orgasm erupted , a loud moan of pleasure escaped my throat as the orgasm consumed me, my skin tingled as a warmth flowed throughout my body.  He trailed his tongue from my clit and thrust it deep into me until his  mouth and chin were shimmering with proof of my orgasm.  I could hear a low groan coming from deep in his throat as he stood up and started to unzip his pants.

He took my legs, brought them together and leaned them against his right shoulder.  He moved my thong to one side as he placed the tip of his hard dick at my core’s entrance and plunged himself deep into me.  We both gasped as his generous member stretched my hot, wet pussy.  He wrapped his arms around my legs and braced himself for his deep hard thrusts.  I moaned out loud with each thrust, never had I been taken this way, the adrenalin pulsed through my body making every touch and every movement even more pleasurable.   He held my legs out in front of him and parted them, letting one rest at his side whilst he held the other.  He trailed his fingertips along my leg until he reached my clit, I gasped as soon as he touched me, I flung my head back as he began to gently rub my sensitive bud, I could feel my body instantly tighten around him.

His hips slowed for a moment as he made every thrust long and deep, I could feel every pleasurable inch of him inside me, teasing me, willing my orgasm to surface.  His fingers danced perfectly with my clit, I could feel his eyes on me, watching my face, enjoying every sign of my enjoyment.

I moved my fingers to my clit, and brushed his away, as much as I was enjoying his touch, his teasing fingers were no good for what I wanted right at this moment.  I began to gently run my fingers over my clit, I couldn’t help but look as him as I did so, his eyes lit up as he watched me pleasure myself .  The look of pure desire on his face only made him more appealing, he didn’t take his eyes off my fingers, he matched his thrusts to every movement I made on my clit, when ever I moved faster his thrusts quickened, when I slowed down he matched my pace perfectly.

I could not take it anymore, my body was on the edge and needed release.  I lifted my t-shirt up over my head so it rested at the back of my neck and released my breasts from their confines.  I gently embraced my nipple between my finger tips which sent a wave of pleasure throughout my body, I tightened myself around his pulsing dick and began to rub my clit a little faster and a little harder.

I could feel my orgasm begging for release, my moans became louder, I tried to keep them from escaping but I now had no control over my body, my arms clasped the unit, my legs went to his waist and clung to him as I screamed out loud.  I could feel my skin tingle as a pleasurable burning sensation surrounded my clit, then my pussy and finally erupted into what I could only describe as the most intense feeling I’d ever had, I was in heaven.  My body convulsed beneath him, he had to brace his hands on my hips to stop me from falling from the unit.  I closed my eyes as ecstasy consumed me, his thrusts began to slow down as he brought be safely back to earth, he leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips, then whispered in my ear

‘ Kneel on the floor hunnie, I want to put my cock in your mouth’

My legs were like jelly as I slid down  from the sink unit to the floor, he kept his strong hands on my arms for support.  My head was still spinning as I came to face level with his  pleasure giver.  Usually I would spend time getting to know his cock with my tongue and my lips, but I didn’t have time for that now, I wanted to taste him, to feel him explode inside my mouth.

I ran my hands up the back of his legs to his bottom and began to gently pull his arse towards me, ensuring his dick met my lips.  I took him into my mouth inch by inch until I reached the base of his shaft, he groaned with pleasure and placed his hands at the back of my head.  I used my grip on his arse to thrust his dick into my mouth, with every gasp he took I moved harder, ensuring that I did not miss one inch of his hot hard cock.

I could feel his legs start to shudder, he was so close and I couldn’t wait for his hot cum to erupt.   He stepped back and placed his hand around his cock and began to pleasure himself, I looked up at him confused.

‘ I want to cum over your tits!’

I smiled up at him and brought my hands to my breasts, massaging them as I teased  my nipples with my finger tips.  I’d never watched a man wank before, I was so aroused, I couldn’t bare to look away.  I felt his hand go to my shoulder as he steadied himself, his knees began to tremble and his breathing quickened….

‘ oh fuck, I’m cumming’

I looked down to see his hot cum cascade over my breasts, its shimmering form spreading warmth as it began to run down my cleavage. His hand began to move slowly over his dick as his orgasm began to disperse.  I couldn’t help but look at him, the tip of his dick glistened with the remains of  his juices, they were so inviting,  I wanted to taste him! I placed my tongue on the end of his member and gently licked the warm goodness from him, he shuddered as I did.  I closed my eyes and savoured the taste of him.  He placed his hand under my chin and tipped my head back, leaning forward and placed a single kiss on my lips.

‘ Come on I’ll help you up’

He took my hands up and pulled me up, my body still tingled from the remains of my orgasm.  ‘ I bet you didn’t expect that to happen did you ?!’ he laughed and began to sort his clothes out.

‘ What can I say, the way you handle a bag of M&M’s really turns me on’

I flashed him a cheeky smile and went to get some tissues from a nearby cubicle.

I wiped the cooled liquid from my breasts and tidied up my clothes, I couldn’t help but blush when I looked at him, I had not done anything that like that before.  He walked over to me and gave me a big cuddle ‘ I’m dying of thirst, I’m gonna go back in and get a drink, I’ll see you in there’. 

I gave him a big smile and nodded ‘ Yeh I’ll be there in five’ I turned and looked in the mirror, pretending to straighten my hair.   I waited until the door had closed behind him, and leaned forward on the counter, the images of what had just happened were fresh in my mind, I could feel my body heating with every passing thought.  I Jumped as the door opened to reveal a group of girls, they went straight to the mirrors and began to apply make up as they talked about the movie they had just seen. I could feel my cheeks going red as they stood where we had been fucking only moments earlier. I smiled at them politely and left the room.

I walked toward screen three and placed my hand on the door handle, I looked back at the toilets and smiled, this has been one hell of a showcase

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