Her tight ring of muscles relaxed just enough for me to pop the jewelled plug in.  Her body stiffened for a moment, the sensation quite alien to her.

‘Relax my girl, we have spent a while preparing you for this. Take deep breaths.”  Her whimpers pull on my heart strings and make my cock twitch.

Running my fingers down the length of her back I can’t help but appreciate her in all her amazing glory.  Laid over my knee, she is everything I could ever desire, my girl…my submissive…..mine.   My fingers trail to where the metal plug lays and tap it gently, my girl squirms and giggles.

‘Sir, that feels so strange’.  She lifts her head and looks at me with her big beautiful eyes

‘It will do baby girl, don’t you worry… it won’t be long until you’re begging me to plug you.  Now, be a good girl and give me a better view of that beautiful ass of yours’.

She smiles as she gracefully removes herself and stands before me, her naked body is displayed for my eyes only.  Her perfect tits rise and fall with every breath and I can’t help but smile as her pink nipples harden, she’s loving this.  I raise my eyebrow at her, she knows what she needs to do yet she teases me.  She has forgotten who is in control.

‘Sub, you have an order to fulfil!’  My change of tone lets her know I’m in no mood to be teased.  I have a plan and I want to get to the main event.

She turns around and bends over, her hands slide down to grip her ankles.  Her sexy ass is now in front of my face, I take a deep breath in, I can smell her excitement.  My eyes are fixed on the purple jewel in front of me.  It twinkles in the light and compliments her perfectly, my primal side wants to bite down on her ass as I rip the jewel from her and thrust my hard cock into her tight hole. Just the thought hardens my cock.  However, this would be the first time her ass would be penetrated so I tame my inner beast, there is time for that later.

I kiss the jewel as my hand reaches between her legs, my fingers trace her wet folds until I find her bud of nerves, she jumps and I have to order her to stay in place.  My fingers glide over her clit, she moans, she squirms and her ass muscles clench.  Fuck I love this.

I stand next to her and rest one hand on her back whilst I run my other hand over the smooth skin of her ass.

‘Count for me baby.’

My hand comes down firmly on her ass.

‘Ow!!! Sir that hurt’

‘My girl, that’s not counting.  Count or I’ll put your nipples in a predicament…again’

‘Sorry Sir, may we start again?’

I smile as I bring my hand down once again….

‘One Sir, thank you’

‘Good Girl’

I reward her with another smack which lands on the tender spot between the top of her leg and her ass.

‘Two Sir, thank you’

‘Fuck subbie, you make me so hot, I’m finding it hard to control myself’

Her hand snakes up my leg to rest on my boxers, the only piece of material keeping my hard shaft away from her, ‘Then don’t’.

Those two words send my inner beast, Dominant and Sadist growling.

Down on all fours and close your eyes Sub, You’re going to get fucked.  She ‘eeeksss’ with excitement as she practically drops to her knees.

I go to the cupboard and pull out my newest purchase and place it behind her.  I attach the black dildo to the end then plug it in at the mains.  I can see she is straining to hear what is going on but I don’t care, I’ve been looking forward to this scene for a while now.

‘Sir, what…..what are you doing?’’

‘Be patient subbie, spread your legs wider for me and go down to your elbows.  I want to see that beautiful wet pussy of yours’.  She does as she is ordered, her pussy is wet and begging for my mouth, the amount of times I have lavished the taste of her.  The feeling of her letting herself go, squirting on my face as my tongue teases her clit, god it’s one of those moments that keeps me hard just by the thought.

I slide the machine forward until the head of the dildo rests just at her entrance.

‘Relax my girl, and enjoy’.  I give her ass one last slap before I turn the machine on and watch as the dildo slowly penetrates her, filling her with every inch.

‘Oh! Sir! I… Oh my god! Her hands thrash out in front of her, grabbing at the carpet, as if looking for an anchor to keep her grounded.

‘Sir… the plug, I feel so full!’ she pants.

‘Tell me what it’s like, how do you feel?’  I walk around her enjoying the view, her body is on display, I can see the cock shimmering with her juices… she is fucking loving it.  I pull my boxers down and wrap my hand around the shaft of my cock, it’s so hard… my pre cum glistens at the tip.  My hand starts to pump up and down, just the sight in front of me is enough to make me cum.

‘It feels amazing, I’m so close Sir…sooooooo oh god…’

I kneel in front of her and order her to take her weight on her hands, she opens her eyes to see my cock in line with her mouth.

‘Open up baby, I want to feel you around my cock as you cum’.  Her mouth opens, I grab her hair and thrust my throbbing shaft into her mouth.  She gasps, her moans get lost around my cock as her tongue gets to work.  She sucks me forcefully, fuck her mouth is amazing. I thrust myself deeper into her mouth, I know when she is cumming as her body goes rigid.  Her screams vibrate around me bringing me closer to orgasming.  As her moans grow quiet, I take my cock from her mouth and order her to keep it open, she does so and opens her eyes.  Her body moves forward and back as the fucking machine lives up to its name.  I can’t take any more, I aim my cock at her mouth and fuck my hand, her mouth is delectable and I can’t wait to see it covered in my spunk.

‘Sir, please let me taste you’.  As soon as those words leave her lips my hot cream shoots from my body, I watch as it lands on her cheek, then her mouth, with each shot she groans.  She knows how to please me and nothing pleases me more than seeing my sub enjoying me.  She uses her finger to collect my liquid from her cheek then licks it.  Her lips close around her tongue and she swallows.

‘Mmmmm tasty, thank you Sir.’  I lean down and kiss her before standing to look at her once again.

I set the machine to the next pace making the dildo fuck her faster, she screams as her head flies back. ‘Sir, please!!!  Oh god, Sir it’s too much.’

‘What colour are you subbie?’

‘Green Sir.’

Then it’s not too much is it?

‘No Sir, sorry Sir.’

‘Good girl subbie.’

‘Oh by the way, you should brace yourself now.’

‘What. Wh… Holy shit!!!’

I flicked the switch in my hand which set the butt plug to vibrate, her hips buck as the vibrations take over her body.  I can feel my cock hardening again, I can feel it pulsing with need, the need to be in her.

I turn the vibrations up, her moans get louder.  She is so fucking beautiful.

‘Cum for me subbie, Cum NOW!’

Her body tenses, her breath catches in what I can only presume is an intense orgasm.  I go to her side and place my fingertips around the jewelled plug, when I hear her next breath in I pull the plug from her sexy little hole.  The noise that comes from her is a moan mixed with a whine, her body is still overcome with pleasure as it ripples through her.

I look to her gaping hole, my cock jerks in response.  I straddle her slender hips and manoeuvre my cock to where the plug once was.

‘Beg me to put my cock in your ass subbie’.

She turns to me. Her eyes wide, I smile at her and nod my head,

‘Sir, please would you be so kind as to fuck my ass.  I want to feel your gorgeous cock fucking me’

I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance and push in slowly. ‘Since you asked me so nicely’.  I paused for a moment to let her adjust.  I can feel the dildo thrusting in and out against my cock, she feels so tight.  I push in a little more…then more until I am balls deep inside her.  Her moans are like music to my ears.

I wait until the dildo thrusts deep into her then pull out, I’m in rhythm with the dildo and it’s fucking brilliant.  I place my hands on her hips and use her as leverage to thrust deeper… harder.

‘Play with your clit’ I order, being well trained she does as she is told.  I feel her ass tighten around me as she does so.

‘I want to feel your ass pulse around my cock as you cum subbie’

Her moans become louder

‘Sir, please…I can’t come again….I can’t. She begins to breathe faster in-between exclaiming ‘oh my god’.

Her ass begins to spasm and I can’t hold on any longer, my fingertips dig into her hips as I hold on.  My cock grows inside her as I release again.  With every thrust I fill her with my cum.  Once my orgasm has subsided I pull myself from her shaking body, I look down to see the result of my orgasm leaking from her glorious hole.

‘Sir please turn off the machine.’

‘My darling sub, since you swore and took more than a minute to react to my command I need to give you a punishment.  Now why don’t you wait there whilst I go take a shower?’

With that I turn the fucking machine’s setting up to maximum and walked away whilst listening to my beautiful subs pleasurable moans.