The Darkness Within

Lacie stood at her bedroom window, darkness began to dominate her surroundings leaving only the moons cooling glow to spread a sensual ambiance throughout her bedroom. She looked at her reflection in the window, she could no longer deny the fact that she had trouble sleeping, the bags under her eyes bore the truth.

For the past month a man had gradually made his presence known in her dreams, at first she only laid eyes on him for a split second, but the more she dreamt, the more he drew closer to her.  Lacie would often wake from her dreams feeling drained both mentally and physically, her body would be sizzling as beads of sweat made her skin glisten with the dreams endeavours.

Over the past two nights Lacie had been face to face with her stranger, although they had not yet touched she felt him surround her, his presence flowed through her veins, heightened her senses and made her body ache with desire.  The power she felt when he was near scared her, she had never felt so vulnerable in her dreams, she had tried to stay awake, tried to deny herself the sense of dark passion that she felt when she was near him, but she would finally succumb to sleep and arrive in a place where she was no longer in control.

Lacie looked at her bed, the smooth red satin sheets looked so alluring, her pillows called to her, yet she could not bring herself to give in to her tiredness, she needed to get herself together, she needed to mentally prepare herself.  She closed her eyes and laughed .

‘ Pull yourself together Lacie, they are dreams, that’s all!!’

She perched herself on the edge of the bed, her legs ached from standing for so long, but when ever she would feel her body protest, she would make a cup of coffee or take yet another shower in order to occupy her mind.  Lacie looked around her room which was now almost as dark as the nights sky, she looked through her window and focused her gaze upon the moon, its influence calmed her, she felt herself relax back on to the bed, she tried to stop her eyes from closing but it was too late.

A warm breeze teased Lacie’s long blonde hair and warmed her skin, for a moment she enjoyed the sensation of what felt like gentle warm fingertips gracing her skin with their touch.  She opened her eyes and looked around…there was nothing, no bedroom, no walls, no sky, the darkness encapsulated everything apart from her bed. Lacie stood next to it but held on to the post, worried that if she let go she would loose herself in the abyss.

‘Hello….. Is anyone there?’

She stayed silent for a second, listening…. hoping… praying for some sign that she was not alone.  She was about to shout again when her breath caught in her throat, a low manly husky voice whispered to her from a distance.

‘Lacie, I’ve been waiting for you’ 

A tall figure started to approach her, although far away, his stocky form seemed to intrude on her personal space, with each step she felt suffocated by his presence, almost as if she was being kept in her place.  Her heartbeat began to quicken, she closed her eyes.

‘Wake up Lacie your dreaming’ She pinched her arm as hard as she could ‘ Wake up… wake up!!…WAKE UP!!!!….’

The figure was close now, she could see him perfectly, he was so much taller than she was.  Although she wanted to run away she could not move, she was mesmerised by him.  Never before had she felt so many emotions towards one person, especially in a dream, how could he have this effect on her?

The first time she had seen him up close, she had been entranced by his brown eyes until they had glowed red, that’s when she had woken from what felt like a nightmare but even as the days went by, the image of his eyes still remained in her thoughts.  Yet as she looked into his eyes now as he approached, they had a calming effect on her, her heartbeat began to still and she relaxed.

As Damien walked towards Lacie, he could not help but look at her.  It took a lot to bring her into his world, usually it was easy for him to entice women but for some reason she could resist him.  For centuries he had pursued women in their dreams, usually it only took him one night to take from them what he needed, but with Lacie, he felt powerless.  He slowly approached her, his gaze never leaving hers, he thought back to the night he almost had her, he had lost control of himself and showed her part of his true form which angered him as he had worked so hard to get so close to her.  There was something about her, something that made him loose himself, he wanted to take her in, to control her, to make her his and it would take all that he was to stop himself from scaring her away.

He stood a few feet from Lacie, as much as he wanted to take her there and then, he held back.  Usually he loved to scare his victims, he thrived on it, hearing their screams only made his existence more thrilling, but he wanted to savour the sight of her, her touch…her taste.  Lacie’s scent teased his senses, his body fought to react, he had to clench his fists to stop himself from devouring her.

‘Lacie, don’t be afraid, I wont hurt you’ his inner beast growled at his words.  Take her.. Stop fucking about!… make her yours!!

Damien snarled at his own thoughts, he couldn’t take her yet, for once in his life he wanted to spend more than one night with a woman, something he had not done for over four hundred years.

Damien shushed his inner tormentor. He could not have any distractions, looking away now would break his calming hold on her, he had to do this right, time was running out for him and he needed to feed.

Lacie’s body began to tingle as the stranger stood in front of her, as much as she wanted to reach out and touch him, something held her back and screamed at her to run and hide.

‘Who are you? her words trembled on their release

‘ Who am I?’ He looked away and laughed … I’m your protector, your provider, your Master…. Damien ignored the voice that growled from within him.

‘ Why do I feel like you have been following me?’  Lacie winced at her self, why did she ask that question? Would she be prepared for the answer?

Damien walked over to the bed and gently shook the metal headrest as if testing its stability.  ‘ Have you ever thought that maybe it is you who is following me?’

He watched her reaction, her brows furrowed with her self doubt, was she following him? After all she did see him in her dreams…  Lacie could not help but notice how his presence was over powering, as he walked around her bed the image of a large panther stalking its prey came to mind, his movements were powerful yet fluid.  With each step he took, naked images of them together flashed into her mind. Damien smiled as she blushed, he may not be able to entice her the way he did with other women, but he could still use the power of suggestion.

Lacie gathered her strength, she was never one for playing the victim,  her parents had always taught her to be strong minded, and right now she needed to be more than ever.

She pushed the images of them both seductively entwined to the back of her mind.

‘What do you want?’ this time she stood firmly in her place, if he was going to act all high and mighty then so was she!

‘ I want you!’ She was arms length away now, if he just reached out he could touch her.

‘ You want me!? Lacie stepped back.

‘ YES!’  Damien crept towards her, he was so close! His mouth began to water, he could practically taste her already, his head began to swirl with the images of what he could do to her small delectable body.

His clipped replies frustrated Lacie, what the hell was his problem?? The hairs on the back of her neck stood to attention as any sign of her vulnerability dispersed, she was angry and frustrated and she wanted answers!

‘ Why? Why the hell do you want me?’ Lacie stood her ground, her body shook with anger.

Damien rushed forward, he took hold of Lacie and kissed her.  In that moment she saw everything, she saw him for what he was, what he did to the women he enticed and how he survived for so long.  She broke away from him, she lost control of her emotions brought her hand back and slapped him across the face.

‘ You bastard ! How could you do that, how could you hurt so many women?

Damien stood still, both shocked and confused.  Never before had a woman slapped him, never had a women resisted his kiss and never had a women been able to see his past.   As realisation set in his inner beast raged, no longer could he control himself.  He rushed forward took Lacie by the shoulder with one hand and wrapped the other around her hair, tilting her head back to expose her neck, he could hear the blood rushing through her veins as her heartbeat spiralled.

Damien ran his tongue along the base of her neck, as he did his canines grew to a point, he tugged firmly on her hair ensuring that she stayed in her place.  He nipped her, allowing  a little drop of blood to grace his lips. Lacie tasted so sweet to him, she drove him wild!.  His hair which was once short and brown was now long and black, his muscles fought for release from the confines of his clothes as he changed into his true form.

Damien lost himself in her, Lacie’s essence filled his body mind and soul, and he knew from that moment that he had to have her, if she fought, he would take her by force but one thing was for sure… she was his!.

Lacie waited for Damien’s grip to loosen, she pulled away and stood perfectly still.  She looked at him, shocked at what she saw before her. Damien’s eyes were no longer brown, they were red.  His white t-shirt hung from his body, his black cargo pants were ripped leaving his deliciously muscled body on view. His black hair hung messily at his shoulders and his red eyes glared at her.  Yet for some strange reason, she no longer felt any fear towards him, he felt strangely familiar to her and now she felt only lust.

Damien’s breathing was heavy, his body raged with raw passion, a fire burned deep within him, he needed release.

Lacie’s lust for Damien began to consume her.  He had over powered her, nipped her, tasted her and she wanted more!  She walked towards Damien and tilted her head, she ran her fingers over her neck until her fingers tips reached a moist droplet of blood that had escaped his lips.

‘ Is this what you want from me?’ She stopped only inches away from him, she could feel his breath on her forehead, she glanced up at him… she looked so innocent.

‘ Yes!!’

Damien growled the word at her.  There was no time for niceties now, stopping himself from hurting her was more work than he cared for an with each passing second he could feel his will loosing the battle to the darkness within.

‘ You didn’t say please!’ she smirked

Lacie put her finger to her mouth and slowly licked the droplet from her finger, she closed her eyes and savoured the taste.  Her mind shouted at her to stop and run , she knew this would send Damien over the edge, but the playful lustful side of her purred, she could not wait to see his reaction.

Lacie opened her eyes,  Damien was no longer in front of her he was standing right next to her, his mouth was open revealing his fangs she knew that she had unleashed something dark and dangerous…… and it turned her on.

Damien picked Lacie up and threw her on to the bed, he let out a loud growl as he noticed her nipples hardening beneath her cotton t-shirt, with one hard tug he ripped her it from her body, leaving nothing beneath but her beautiful breasts and her hardened nipples.  He stood over her, he felt as if he had his power back, once again he was the master of his realm and she was one of his victims… or was she?

‘ I want to hold you, feel you, lick you and fuck you…’ His inner beast growled with anticipation.  He was going to enjoy devouring her.

He took her hands and forced them over her head, held them firmly in place with one hand whilst the other went to her breast, she felt so soft.  He did not take the time to appreciate a woman’s body anymore, usually he would fuck and go, but now…even the slightest touch of her made him want to spend hours worshipping her.

Damien’s heavy form pinned Lacie to the bed, her mind swirled with emotions, the sense of danger scared her, yet looking at him, seeing him above her made her thighs burn with desire.

Damien lowered his mouth to her nipple, his tongue teased the tip as his fangs gently scraped at her breast.  Her body reacted sending pulses of hot untamed pleasure throughout her being, her back arched beneath him pushing her nipple into his mouth.  She could not believe what she was doing, she was pinned beneath a beast, something supernatural that hurt women to survive, yet all of that didn’t matter to her, she wanted him … she wanted him the way he wanted her.

He picked her up and placed her on her knees whilst guiding her hands to the metal frame of the bed, he closed her hands around it.  He ran his elongated nails down her back sending shivers down her spine and leaving little pink welts in their place.  He parted her legs looked at her, her perfect arse was a sight for sore eyes, her body looked perfect as she bent over in front of him.  Without warning he thrust his hard cock deep inside her core, feeling her tight and wet  around him drove his beast wild, she felt amazing .

Lacie cried out in pleasure as he thrust himself inside her over and over again, she had never been taken in this way before, he was so savage, so rough and she loved it.  Her pussy pulsed around him, he looked down , he wanted to watch his dick sliding in and out of her.  He growled at the sight of his large member covered in her juices, he wanted more!  He leaned forward and took hold of her hair, using it to pull her closer to him.  Lacie’s back arched under the strain, allowing Damien to penetrate her deeper, every powerful thrust bringing her closer to ecstasy.

Damien let go of her hair and rolled her on to her back,  she looked so innocent as she lay there, her hair was sprawled perfectly over the bed, little beads of sweat graced her breasts.  Damien leaned forward and gently lapped at her bosom, taking in each droplet, his mouth watered at the taste….but it was not her bosom that he wanted to taste on his tongue.

He pulled at her legs until her bottom was perched on the edge of the bed, he knelt down and placed her legs over his shoulders.  His eyes widened and his dick grew harder as he looked at her, he licked his lips and drove his tongue into her pussy…he was right, she tasted amazing.

Lacie gripped the sheets of her bed, her mind swirled with every thrust of his tongue.  She could feel her body tightening as his mouth worshipped her.

Damien brought his tongue to her clit, her body instantly convulsed to his touch.  He moved his hand to her stomach and held her in place as he began to gently encircle her swollen bud.  Lacie tightened her legs on his shoulders as her moans began to get louder, she couldn’t control the escaping sounds of pleasure as each time his tongue touched her, the sensation heightened. She felt as if she was floating,  he was the only entity keeping her grounded.

Damien could sense her body surging  as her orgasm began to build up. He moved his finger to her clit and started to gently tease it as he moved his mouth to her thigh.

Lacie’s head began to spin as her body heated, her clit throbbed with his every touch, her fingers grasped his hair and held on tightly as the air around them sizzled.  As Lacie’s orgasm surfaced Damien sank his fangs into her thigh, her precious blood flowed into his mouth.  Lacie screamed out loud, never had she felt anything like this, his bite brought both pain and pleasure to her, as he drank, her orgasm intensified leaving her breathless.

Damien stopped himself from taking too much, he pulled away from her and licked the remains of her blood from his lips.

‘ Lacie, you taste amazing’.  He stood over her, watching her intensively.

Lacie could not move, her body ached and shuddered on her bed,  she felt sore and pleasured at the same time.  She looked up at Damien, her dazed expression made him smile, he loved the way her body reacted to him. Lacie closed her eyes.

‘I’m not finished with you yet!   He leant over her so his lips were just touching hers, his hard cock pressed against her entrance.  Lacie’s eyes opened.

‘W.. what?’   The words hardly left her mouth when Damien’s lips captured hers.  His tongue massaged hers as his kiss deepened,  Her body reacted once again,  she no longer felt pain where he had bitten her, only a warm feeling that faded into the background.  She longed to have that feeling back, she wanted his bite once again.

Lacie’s hips gyrated, enticing him to enter her, but he wouldn’t, he simply teased her.  He kissed his way from her mouth to her neck, his tongue running over the little puncture wound in her neck.

Lacie wrapped her legs around his hips and tried to pull him towards her, She wanted him inside her, her pussy pulsed , begging to be stretched and fulfilled.  Her little attempts at controlling him only made Damien want to tease her more, but the more she begged the more he wanted to keep her waiting.  He enjoyed teasing her, making her beg, it was almost as exciting as the feeling he got when he scared women in the past.

‘ Damien please…….’  Her words caught in her throat.

He could not wait any longer, he plunged himself deep into her core, he roared with pleasure and she surrounded him.  Lacie held on to his shoulders as he fucked her, her whole body ached with pure pleasure as this man… this beast consumed both her mind and her body.

His long powerful thrusts sent waves of ecstasy through out their bodies.  He opened his eyes to see Lacie looking at him, her eyes were full of raw passion.  Her mouth parted, inviting his tongue to dance with hers once more.  He learned forward and playfully nipped her lip, Lacie jumped, a flash of both pain and pleasure sent waves throughout her body.  She moved her tongue to where the fresh blood has surfaced and ran her tongue over it, she tiled her head back and pushed her tongue into Damien’s mouth.

His body roared with her offering, his hips thrust harder and deeper into her, his dick stretching her tight frame.  Lacie smiled to herself, she loved the effect she had on him… he was so powerful, yet it was she that had power over him.  She brought her head to his head and moved it to her neck.

‘ Bite me Damien, I want to feel your fangs as you fuck me’. Damien didn’t need telling twice.  He sank his fangs into her neck.  Lacie gasped as white heat shot through her body making her instantly orgasm.

Damien’s body began to shudder, her blood made his body scream with a raw passion, one he had never felt before. His flung his head back, his cock pulsed with desire as his hot cum flowed into Lacie.  He removed his fangs from her neck and looked down at her in time to see the remnants of  pleasure on her face.  She looked so beautiful beneath him.  Damien watched as her eyes closed, she was too worn out to say anything to him so he allowed her to rest.  He removed himself and carefully lay next to her worn out body.

Usually his women would be drained now and he would walk away, but not Lacie, he wanted to hurt her, to fuck her, to drink from her… yet he also wanted to be with her to protect her….. he wanted her not just for her blood, but for her body and soul.

Lacie woke from her deep sleep.  She opened her eyes and looked around, the light from the morning sun  poured into her bedroom. She lay still for a moment, the nights antics flashing before her eyes, all welcomed memories which made her body heat up.

She winced as she sat up, her body ached in protest of her moving. Slowly and carefully she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, she turned on the light and looked in the mirror.  Her blonde hair was messy and hung heavy at her shoulders, she took a hair tie and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  She turned on the tap and splashed cold water on her face, the little drops of water felt so cool and refreshing against her hot skin.  Lacie was about to brush her teeth when she noticed two small puncture marks on her neck, she ran her hands over them, little waves of pleasure instantly ran through her body.  She blinked in disbelief….

‘ How can they be here.. I was dreaming !?’

A sound from outside the bathroom startled her, she turned around and held on to the sink, her breath caught in her throat as she listened, the noise came closer towards the door.  Lacie looked around the room for something she could use as a weapon…anything that would give her a sense of protection from what was on the other side of the door.

The door opened to reveal a tall brown haired male, as he looked at Lacie, her body trembled.

‘Damien ???’

As Damien smiled his fangs lengthened, he walked toward Lacie until he was stood  in front of her, her heart beat quickened.  He ran his tongue down one of his fangs and raised an eyebrow, Lacie’s core heated.  Slowly she looked up at him and smiled as her lustful red lips parted, her fangs began to grow……

‘Damien…I’m hungry……

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