I need you… I want you…

My heart calls for you

My souls whispers to yours

My body longs to feel you

As I fall, I need you

As I love, I crave you

As I sleep, I dream you.

We talk, I want

We laugh, I warm

We enjoy, I float

You have captured my mind

You have brought light to my life

You have ignited my very being

Please say I am yours

Please tell me you want me as much as I want you

Please…say you will be mine.

Take me.. I’m yours

Hold me.. keep me safe

Love me.. and in return, I’ll be your forever

I’ll worship you, I’ll be your queen

I’ll worship you, I’ll be your muse

I’ll be loyal to you… cherish you…. Honour and respect you.

Accept my loyalty

Accept my love

Accept…. Me

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