Deadly Temptress

When you awaken for the first time, for a second the person you were and the life that you led flashes before your eyes as if teasing the last of your humanity from your soul. That’s if I still have a soul! I saw my mum hold me for the very first time as her tears of joy caressed my cheek as she embraced me, I saw my very first day at school, the first time I had sex, my first love and finally the day I was murdered, I felt the knife slice though my skin once more, thousands of silver shock waves racing through my body as it began to slowly shut down. And now here I am, stood next to a small piece of marble which has my name engraved on it. The person I was I am no more, the life I led is nothing more than a dying memory. Who am I now? I am a woman who promised her soul to the darkness in order to seek revenge. What am I now? I am the sound that entices you, the scent that draws your near, I am the sight that lures you closer and a fantasy that many fear.

I can feel my heart pounding throughout my body as I run through the streets of London, my blooded jacket is now a beacon for bad attention. I really need to get paid to do this, the amount of clothing I go through in order to do my ‘duty’ is ridiculous. God knows Superman had it right, although I think if I wore my thong over my leggings I would attract the wrong …. well in my case the right attention, but hey, we can’t all have the perfect life. I stop for a moment and lean on the wall for support. Damn, those guys can fight! As I throw my jacket into a nearby bin my stomach cramps and I fall to the floor….. damn it!!

I can feel myself weaken, the night’s endeavours have taken their toll on me. I struggle to my feet , every step becomes more difficult, I need to refuel and quickly! The thudding of a nearby club gets my attention, I find intoxicated people so much easier to seduce, I don’t have to put much effort in, their aura is easily drained. As I walk towards the door, the bouncer steps in my way, but with one look and a lingering smile he is opening it for me, inviting me into the ‘all you can eat buffet’. I could have taken the bouncer but I don’t like to attract attention, and besides I never eat just anything.

Trying to find the perfect source of nutrition was hard at first, trying to sense peoples desires was over whelming especially in a club, I swear every person was thinking of fucking their best friend, the DJ or some silly girl using a pole as a giant dick trying to display her talents. All I need is a little concentration and a good view and I can single out the horniest person in the place, as I scan the room time slows, the white cloud of smoke protruding from the smoke machine comes to an almost standstill as I lay eyes on my meal. A male and a female are in the corner of the room, their lips touching as his hand cups her breast; I lick my lips as the scent of their arousal makes my nostrils flare. Usually I would take them both home with me, but tonight I only have the time for one and as much as I am craving the touch of another woman, the man will give me more than enough to keep me going.

I look into his thoughts, he is thinking about another woman, perfect! The good thing about no longer being human, is that when it comes to seducing I can make people believe I’m the person they most want to be with sexually. Last night I met Hannah, a petite red head who had a huge crush on her busty , blonde university lecturer. It’s true what they say about red heads, they are feisty, I enjoyed tiring that one out. I close my eyes and breath in his desires, as my body begins to change into the brunette in his thoughts my thighs tingle with anticipation of the feast I am about to consume.

As time begins to regain its normal pace the girl turns towards me, her confused look turns to anger as I approach them. I reach out and take her shoulder, she instantly relaxes to my touch and steps away from her lover. I trail a finger from her shoulder to her neck and gently pull her towards me, with her back now facing her partner I pull her close and whisper in her ear….

‘I’m going to take your boyfriend home and fuck him, do you have a problem with that?’ I look deep into her eyes, she is putty in my hands. I could strip her naked right here, right now and she would be unable to fight me, the raw passion swirling around her is like a welcome high to a drug addict . She wants me, she wants me to fuck her, she wants me to own her and maybe one day I will but for now it’s her boyfriend that I want. I capture her lips with mine, nothing wrong with having a starter before my main meal. As our lips touch the club fades away into the background, the only noise to be heard is her heartbeat and the tiny moans escaping her lips when my tongue gently massages hers. As her body reacts to my touch the scent of her aroused core swirls around me and I begin to take enough of her aura to get me and her boyfriend home, it takes a lot of willpower not to steal too much of her essence and so I have to steady myself. I open my eyes and look at the man staring at us, his eyes are full of lust as he watches me, now his ex girlfriend, capturing her lips.

I pull away from the girl ‘ Go home!’ I order, and before I take step towards her boyfriend she walks away. My body tingles as my recent intake runs throughout my being, the only way to describe how It feels is to imagine yourself with your perfect partner …. kissing, stroking, licking.. you’re at that point just before your about to orgasm, the point where you would do anything for release, anything to feel that perfect moment as pure ecstasy takes over your body…… that is how I feel when I feed, and all it takes is for one person to be lustful , even if it means I have to get them that way.. not that I mind.

I look towards the guy before me, he is a little taller than I am and only slender in build but I can tell he is firm beneath his shirt, I feel my nipples straining against my bra as I picture the things I could do to him. As I draw closer to him, his lips twitch…

‘Mel, is that really you?’ His eyes dart all over my body.

‘Yes baby its me, I couldn’t stay away. I want you, I need to feel you inside me’ I place one hand either side of his face and look deep into his eyes, he is instantly calmed, dispersing any trace of disbelief.

‘Mel, I missed you so much, I’m so sorry…..’ I push my lips against his stopping him mid sentence.

‘ It’s ok, I forgive you’ I run my hand down his body to where his large growing member lays in wait. ‘ I want you!’

The passion between us makes the air crackle, it won’t be long until I can feed. I pull him close and capture his lips with mine. I close my eyes and picture my large mahogany four poster bed, as soon as I feel my body sink into my mattress I know I am home.

‘W…Where are we?’ Confusion crossed his face as he looked around the room. Before he could say another word I pushed him on to his back and straddled his hips.

I lower my face to his ‘ It doesn’t matter where we are, all that matters is that we are together once more’. My voice sooths him and his eyes fill with lust once again, his hands move straight to my breasts, his finger tips circling my hardening nipples beneath my bra. Usually I would take things slow, but I have no time for niceties my head is already starting to pound with memories I choose to ignore, I need to feed!

As my lips meet his, I feel his body heat and his and his aura pulse with pleasure, I place his arms behind his head and playfully nip his lower lip.

‘Now be a good boy and keep your hands there’. He has no choice but to do as he is told, If I was a witch he would be under my spell, unable to think about anything else but the here and now. I gracefully stand up, my feet still either side of his hips. I smile down at him, his beautiful eyes are waiting hungrily for my next move and I don’t like to disappoint. I place my hands at the side of my shirt and pull it up, throwing it to the floor, I feel my body begin to tingle as his eyes stare at my breasts, I’m sure that if he had more willpower he would be dragging me to the bed and ripping my bra off himself..a pleasant thought !

Once I have released my breasts from their restraint, I begin to unbutton my jeans. His lips part as he waits to see what lays beneath. I turn my back towards him and slowly start to bend over, my jeans now resting at my ankles. As I start to stand up I run my hands over my legs to my buttocks and teasingly trail my fingers over them…. if I was not pretending to be his ex I’d want to fuck her, she has an amazing body that deserves ravishing! I’ll have to make a point of finding her in the future. My fingers find the elastic of my thong even the scraping of the lace against my skin as I pull them to my ankles sets my body on fire, I gently tense my body only to feel the sensitivity between my legs heighten as my juices pool with excitement. I carefully step out of my jeans and thong and kick them to the floor. Before my knees meet the mattress my needy fingers are unbuttoning his pants, my mouth watering and eyes widening as I unleash his hard cock. I love when a man’s that aroused that his cock is unbelievably hard, I love feeling it in my mouth…even better I love being impaled on it. I can just about contain my excitement; I start to loose control as I look at my feast, I quickly wrap my mouth around his large now throbbing member, my mouth begins to water as proof of his arousal drips onto my tongue, his taste teases my senses and I feel a quiet growl escape my mouth, my body screams for me to start to take what I need, but I can’t help myself… I’m a sucker for a big dick.

His body begins to move beneath mine, his gentle thrusts pleading with me to take as much of him as I can into my mouth, but I’m a bitch of a tease and want to look into his eyes as I take all of him inside me for the first time. I can feel him pulling at his mental restraints, he wants to take control, he wants to bend me over and fuck me, he wants to hold me down and show me who’s the boss. But I’m not in the mood to play the submissive, I want what I need… I remove him from my mouth and straddle him, his hard glistening cock so close to my pussy that I can feel him, my core tensing in anticipation… my body begins to shudder as I tease the tip of him to my entrance. My clit begins to tingle, my nipples so erect that they begin to ache with need. I can’t take anymore, I plunge myself onto him. His large cock stretches me and takes my breath away, I moan out loud with pure pleasure ,his eyes show nothing but desire at the fact that I am now fucking him.

I slide myself up and down him with desperation, I need not only his life force, but to satisfy my growing need to climax . My hands go to his chest and I brace myself , I hear him cry out a little as my nails bite into his tender flesh, his whimpers only heightens my need to feed.

As my orgasm begins to build I move my hands to my breasts and begin to tease my nipples, my fingertips gently squeezing and twisting them pushing me closer to the edge. I feel his cock throb inside me, begging to release his seed and who am I to argue. I sit upright to allow for more depth, my rhythm quickens and my thrusts become harder , my legs begin to feel the strain of my actions as I continue to allow him to penetrate me. The room disappears leaving nothing but the bed and the wonderful sound of pleasure.

I begin to breath in little droplet’s of his essence as it begins to break down, my body reacts by pushing me over the edge and before I know what is happening my orgasm erupts, I throw my head back as the waves of ecstasy envelop me, my hands still at my breasts, massaging them, I’m lost in the sea of tranquillity! A purple mist descends around us as I take in his aura ,this is my safety net, it protects me whilst I feed. To non supernatural beings I become invisible, to my own kind, it’s a warning sign to keep away. I feel his dick begin to swell inside me, he lets out a loud moan as his hot cum spills into my core. I regain some of my control and look down at him, his beautiful face bares the signs of his pleasures, his lips twitch and for a second it almost looks like he is smiling me at…. something I have not experienced for a long time.

As my mist dissipates and my body relaxes I lean forward to rest my head on his chest. His breathing is beginning to return to normal….. a very good sign. My body feels alive again, I love a good feed! I pull myself from his tired cock and walk into my bathroom. The good thing about bringing someone to my home is after a feed they sleep as their aura needs to repair itself, so I have time to shower, get dressed and take them home. I remember the first time I fed, I thought I had killed the guy.. never had I panicked so much in my life. I ran from the alley way and spend the next few weeks checking the news hoping I would not see him on there. Two months after I fed from him I saw him in a local shopping market going about his daily business… a welcomed relief!!.

I stand in my shower cubicle allowing the hot water to cascade over me, I look down and watch as my body changes back to normal, damn… I really liked her breasts!. My skin is no longer red and blooded from the blows of my enemies, I run my fingers over my skin and welcome the sensation that follows.

Once dressed I wonder back to the bed and perch on the end, he sleeps soundly. I close my eyes and reach into his mind once again to find where he resides, luckily it’s not too far from where I live which means I won’t lose too much energy. I close my eyes and concentrate on his bedroom, my bed is replaced with his, my walls become his walls and finally I’m in the bedroom of what must be the tidiest guy I have ever seen. I fold his clothes neatly and place them on a nearby chair.

As I left his home my phone rang, I pick up the call

‘Its me… speak! …………………….I got away from them, needed to feed………………………….no, I’m not giving up!!………I’m on my way to find them now’ As the phone goes dead I place it back into my pocket and quicken my pace. My enemies await and I must obey my orders.

As I near my fanged foe once again and prepare to fight I can’t help but smile as the face of my next meal flashes before my eyes ……. Mel!

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