The Ride of Her Life


When Jay dreamt of his perfect vacation, he was sure it did not include breaking down on Fantasy Row, so called named for being any bikers ‘dream ride’. 

It was hot, he was sweaty and there was no sign of anyone being close enough to help him out.

Jay tried to start the engine again…nothing!

He pulled off his helmet, and swept his golden locks from his face “ fuck, what else could go wrong?!”

He dismounted and took a step away from his bike, he always thought his Husqvarna WR 250 was sexy, the way she purred between his legs always gave him some satisfaction, but right now she was far from purring , she looked like nothing more than a lost dream.

The heat from the sun bore down on him, making his body ache for freedom from the restriction of his clothes.  As he removed his t shirt and tucked it into the back pocket of his jeans,  little beads of sweat shimmered as they slid over his toned Adonis form.


As Kate pulled on her leather pants, her excitement grew, she knew that the faster she pulled on her boots, the faster she could be riding her Harley down Fantasy Row

She stood in front of her mirror as she pulled her hair up into a messy knot.  Kate loved the way she looked in her leathers, it was a welcome change from her usual work clothes.  Her leathers made her feel sexy, strong and confident…they made her feel alive.

Her Harley was waiting for her, as it always did , welcoming her, beckoning her to get on, to feel its power in between her thighs.  She ran her finger tips over the handle bars, “come on Harley, take me for a ride”.

She made Harley roar as she set off, her thighs tingled from the vibrations of the engine.  Harley never failed to make her feel good.

Kate pulled off the motorway and stopped at the beginning of Fantasy Row, thirty miles of pure pleasure lay in front of her, she smiled, let down her hair and braced herself for the ride of her life.


Jay pulled a bottle of water from his back pack and took a sip, the cold water was soothing to his lips, he let out a sigh of relief as the water trickled down his throat. He moved the bottle over his head and allowed the water to moisten his hair and face, his body instantly cooled, he swept his hair from his chiselled features and stopped as a familiar noise caught his attention.

Jay looked down Fantasy Row “ finally!” he sighed under his breath.

He held his hand out to the side and flagged down the oncoming biker.  As the biker grew closer, Jay’s breath caught in his throat. The biker was female.

He watched as the female biker pulled over, he could not help himself, her figure in those leathers was a welcomed sight.  As she got off the bike, he noticed how her brown hair flowed over her shoulders, he instantly imagined how he wanted to run his hands through it, to feel the soft curls tickling his skin.  She got off the bike and started to walk towards him.

Jay ran his eyes over her body, her black strappy top emphasised her ample breasts which gracefully bounced with every step she took; it clung to her voluptuous curves.  His hungry eyes followed her curves down to her leather pants, which clung to her hips and legs, he was mesmerised by her walk, the way her hips teased him, as much as he wanted her here, he could not wait to see her bum sway in the leathers as she walked away…. This girl was hot.


As Kate walked towards the stranded biker, she noticed how he was looking at her, his eyes moving over her body, the way his lips almost smiled as his eyes met her breasts.  She felt her hips start to sway as she walked, she knew she looked good, and she was not afraid to show it.

Kate could not help but check this guy out, he had the sexiest torso she had ever seen, his bronze skin complimented his muscles perfectly, she could almost imagine herself holding on to them as he showed her what a body like that could really do.

As she grew closer to him, she noticed his big blue eyes looking right at her, she slid her gaze down to his torso , she wanted nothing more than to slide her tongue over his abs…god this man was sexy, she felt her body heat up, she moved her eyes further down to his crotch , she could see his jeans becoming tighter around him, she smiled to herself, what she would not give to unwrap that gift. 

“Hey there, what seems to be the problem?”


Kate and Jay stood looking at each other, their eyes looking hungrily at each others bodies.  Jay took a step closer to Kate.

Like most females, she’s having an off day and refuses to start” Jay smiled to himself and began to walk toward his bike.

Kate stood next to his bike, placed one hand on her hip and ran a finger over its black body

“Well like most men, your probably not treating her right” She look at Jay and smiled “ Like most men, you probably don’t know how to push the right buttons!”

Jay laughed “Believe me baby, she loves me being on top, I never fail to make her purr!”

Kate felt her face heat up, he was cocky and she liked it.  She gracefully straddled his bike and settled into the seat, she leaned forward to rest  her cheek on the petrol tank and placed her hands on the fairings “ Come on sweetie” she kissed the tank      “ Lets show him how us girls can really purr”.  Kate sat up, pushed the starter button and gently twisted the throttle.  The bike purred like it was new out of the shop, Kate looked at Jay and laughed, and just to rub it in a little more, she twisted the throttle again and raised an eyebrow. 

“There you see, and men wonder why more and more women are turning to other women for pleasure, we know how to turn a woman on”.

Jay straddled the bike, pulled Kate on to his lap and settled into the seat “How about you show me how to press that button, so I know for future reference”.

Kate leaned forward, before she could press the button, Jay lifted her top up and started to kiss the base of her back, Kate let out a little moan and pressed her bottom into his lap.  As Jay trailed his kisses further up her back, he slid his hands around to her breasts, he pulled her closer to him, then lifted the top over her head.

Kate rested the back of her head on his hard shoulder, the feel of his bare chest on her back made her nipples swell beneath her black lacy bra.  Jay kissed her neck , his dick grew with every kiss.

As Jay continued to kiss Kate’s back, she moved her hands to her bra, unlatched it and let it fall to her lap, she took hold of Jays hands and led them to her breasts.  Jay growled deep in his throat at the feel of her large luscious breasts in his hands.  He began to gently massage them, her pert nipples teased the palm of his hands making him yearn for more.

He lifted Kate off his lap and stood up, placing her back on to the seat of the bike.  He began to gently kiss her shoulder, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.  He trailed his kisses up to her neck whilst he held her in place with his hands. Kate moaned at the feel of his lips on her skin, her body warmed to his touch, her clit tingled as waves of pleasure began to consume her body.

Jay moved his lips to hers, before their lips touched he looked lustfully into her eyes, he put one hand on her neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss.  Jays head span, her lips were soft and inviting, her tongue teased his with the pleasure of what was to come.  He moved his hand to her breast and found her nipple, he teased it gently with his finger tips, and then his tongue.

Kate moaned at the feel of his tongue on her nipple, she held his head close to her breast.  Sounds of pleasure escaped her throat as he moved to the other nipple, he sucked gently, his warm mouth soothed her, teased her, pleased her.

Jay slid his fingertips down her stomach, she was fuller figured, which was just how he liked it, there was more to kiss, more to touch and more to grab hold of.   He moved his hand in between her legs, although her leather pants were thick, he could feel how warm she was.  She was turned on, and he wanted nothing more than to taste her.

As he pulled Kate to her feet, he held her close, he kissed her, his lips hard against hers, their tongues teasing and probing.  He took her hair in to his hands and pulled her closer to him, her breasts felt amazing as they pressed on his chest.  He let go of her hair and sank to his knees, he looked up at Kate and winked.  He undid the button and zip of her leather pants and pulled them to her ankles.  He took off her boots and pants and threw them to one side, she was naked in front of him, he looked her up and down, his hot hard dick was aching for release.  He took one of her legs and placed it over his shoulder and licked his lips, shaven.. Perfect!.

Kate placed her hands on the top of his head as he took his first taste of her.  Jay closed his eyes and savoured her taste, he gently smoothed his tongue over her clit, Kate moaned, her leg giving way. Jay caught her and wrapped one arm around her bottom holding her in place.  Kate’s body shuddered with every lick.  Her body pulsing with desire as Jays tongue and mouth worked their magic on her pussy.  Jay trailed a finger from her ankle, up her leg and thigh then drove it deep inside her.  Kate screamed, she was amazed by how he could steady her with one hand whilst working wonders with the other.

 Jay moved his finger in and out of her pussy as he teased her clit with his tongue.  He could feel her started to pulse around his finger, he added more pressure to her clit with his tongue and moved his finger in and out of her a little faster.  Kate’s body started to tense up, her body heated as she began to orgasm, she moved her hands to Jays shoulders and braced herself.  Her legs went to jelly as her orgasm erupted.

Jay inserted another finger deep into Kate, he moved them in and out of her harder and faster, he groaned as he felt her hot cum cover his fingers.  Kate moaned, she could not hold herself up any longer, Jay took her weight as he tasted her.  He waited until her hot liquid stopped flowing, then pulled his fingers out of her and tasted them.

He turned Kate around and leaned her over the bike, he could not wait any longer, he wanted to feel his dick inside her.  He pulled down his pants, let them fall to his ankles then rammed himself deep inside her.  Kate’s breath caught in her throat as she felt herself stretch to accommodate his size. 

Jay took hold of her hips and began to fuck her hard.  Kate moaned with pleasure, she looked over her shoulder to look at Jay, he looked so sexy as they fucked, his muscles tensed with every thrust, showing what a powerful man he really was.

Just as Jay was about to move his fingers around to play with her clit, the sound of an engine caught their attention.  Jay stopped fucking Kate and turned to look down Fantasy Row.  A police car approached.  Kate and Jay looked at each other……shit!

The police car stopped, a man got out and approached the couple, his face stern.  Jay pulled his dick out of Kate and turned towards the cop.  The cop stopped in front of Jay and without saying a word dropped to his knees, he took Jays dick into his hand then proceeded to wrap his mouth around it.  Jay moaned, the unexpected actions of the cop turning him on even more.

The cop took all of Jays dick into his mouth, he moved his hand to Jays balls and began to massage them.  The cop groaned at the feel of Jays dick in his mouth, he moved his tongue over the tip of Jays dick, Jays body shuddered.

Kate could not believe what she was seeing, as shocked as she was, she was turned on watching the cop pleasure Jay.  She walked over to the two men and sat on the floor, positioning herself so both could see her, she ran her hand down over her body to her wet sensitive clit and began to play with it.

The cop took Jay’s dick out of his mouth and trailed his tongue down to his balls, he gently licked and sucked each one.  Jay moaned, this guy really knew what he was doing. 

Kate watched as the cop trailed his tongue over Jays dick,  he  took every inch into his mouth and began to move his mouth over it faster, Jays knees wobbled.  Kate watched the way his body tensed , she rubbed her clit faster, she was so turned on, she could not wait for her release.

Jay moaned out loud, he put his hands behind the cops head and urged him to go faster.  The cop stopped, he looked at Kate and smiled, he walked over to her and bent down besides her, he inserted one finger into her wet warm pussy, then made his way back to Jay.  He knelt down in front of him and began to suck his dick once again.  He moved the finger which was covered in Kate’s hot cum towards Jays anus, he began to massage it, using his finger he gently began to widen it.  Without warning, the cop simultaneously sucked hard on jays dick and plunged his finger deep in to Jays arse, Jay could not take anymore, his legs shook  with pure pleasure, his body tensed as he released hot cum into the cops mouth.  The cop groaned with the taste, he carried on sucking.

Kate watched the men with hungry eyes, she wanted to join in.  She walked over to the cop and pulled him to his feet, she kissed him, the taste of Jays cum still on the cops lips made her clit tingle.   She pulled away and led Jay over to the bike, she bent him over it and steadied herself on her knees.  She reached in between his legs and started to wank him off as she trailed her tongue over his butt cheeks.

The cop lay on his back and shuffled his way in between Kate’s thighs, her pussy was hot and wet.  He plunged his tongue deep inside her, she tasted so sweet.  The cop trailed his tongue up to her clit and began to tease her. Kate moaned and moved her hips to the rhythm of his tongue.  The cop released his hot throbbing cock from his pants and began to stroke himself .

Kate moved her tongue to Jays anus, she could taste herself on him, she was so turned on, never had she done anything like this before.  She began to tease his arse with her tongue, whilst her hand worked wonders on his dick.  She probed his anus, with every lick Jay moaned, he was loving it, and so was she.  Kate moved one finger to his now moistened arse and slowly pushed it in, Jay groaned aloud. 

Jay listened to Kate’s moans of pleasure, her tongue and finger felt amazing as they pleased him.  He turned his head to see Kate’s naked body shuddering as the cop licked her out.  He saw her body react as the cop inserted two fingers deep inside her, it turned him on to see her riding the cops fingers as he licked her . 

The cops face was wet with Kate’s juices, he loved the way she felt so tight around his fingers.  He stared to move his fingers in and out of her a little faster, her body moved to meet his rhythm.  Kate started to moan louder, her body shuddered around the cops fingers.  She felt his mouth around her clit, he started to suck a little harder, she could not take it anymore, she moaned loud as her body began to orgasm.  Kate held on to Jays hips as she came, her hot cum flowed over the cops fingers, her body shuddered with pure delight as she came.

The cop felt her react to him, and began to wank himself off faster, he could feel his orgasm began to surface. Knowing that Kate’s orgasm had finished he moved himself from between her legs and stood behind Jay.  He used his wet fingers to widen Jays arse a little more.  As he thought about fucking Jay, he could felt himself cumming, he placed the tip of his dick close to Jays anus and watched as his hot cum erupted and covered him .

The cop could not wait any longer, he plunged his dick deep inside Jay.  He closed his eyes and groaned, Jay was tight around his dick.  He pulled his dick out slowly, placed his hands on Jays hips and began to push himself back in, one inch at a time.   He watched as Jay moved one hand to his dick and began to masturbate. 

Kate watched as the cop fucked Jay, watching the two men made her nipples stand to attention.  The cop saw her watching them, he pulled his dick out of Jay and took hold of his hand, leading him towards Kate.  He told Kate to get on her back, and motioned for Jay to get on all fours.

Kate ran her hands to her breasts as Jay placed her legs on his shoulders.  He placed his tongue on her clit and began to tease her ,  her pussy was hot and wet from her previous orgasms.  Kate began to massage her breasts, she looked at the cop and saw that he was watching.  She ran one hand down to her pussy,  inserted one finger deep inside her, then brought it back up, using her juices to moisten her nipple.

The cop smiled at her, then looked to Jays arse which was still wet with the cops cum.  He knelt down behind him and circled his anus with the tip of his dick.   He pressed his dick to the entrance and watched as every inch of his shaft disappeared, the cop and Jay both moaned.  He pulled his dick out , slapped each of Jays bum cheeks with it, then rammed it back in.  Jay moaned out loud, his arse felt so tight around the cops dick . 

Jay’s head spun, he was so hot and horny, never had he had a man fuck him whilst he licked a girl out.  His moans escaped him as he licked Kate, his mouth and chin were wet with her juices.  He began to lick her harder as the cop fucked him faster.  He placed his other hand around his dick and started to wank himself off.

Kate watched as the cop fucked Jay, their bodies tensed and flexed with every movement.  She liked the way the cop had his large hands on Jays hips, pulling him  closer with every stroke.  She watched as Jay stroked his cock, he was in rhythm with the cop.  Kate’s body tensed, she threw her head back and closed her eyes as her orgasm snuck up on her, she tightened her legs around Jays shoulders, holding on as her body shuddered .  Her hot juices flowed over jays chin, he continued to lick her clit, his own moans began to match hers as he body started to tingle.

Jay pulled his mouth away from Kate, As the cop started to fuck him harder and faster, he wanked him self off harder and faster.  His hand tight around his cock as waves of pleasure took over his body.  The sound of the cop moaning turned him on even more.  He could feel his body start to react, his hot hard cock throbbed as he began to cum.  His body flexed as hot cum flowed from his dick, he let out a loud moan and slowed down his hand movements, his breathing was heavy, his body hot, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes.  He took his hand from his dick and looked at it, it glistened with his cum.

Kate took one of his fingers and placed it in her mouth, she sucked the cum off and playfully licked the tip of his finger.

Kate stood up and walked over to the cop as his moans became louder.  She knelt down besides him and watched as his body struggled to keep in rhythm of his strokes.  His body tensed, his legs wobbled and he moaned .  He pulled his dick out of Jay and stood over Kate whilst wanking himself off.  Kate moved her face so that it was directly under the cops dick, she opened her mouth and watched as his body tensed one last time before he came.  His hot cum cascaded over Kate’s mouth and face.  Kate moaned at the taste of him.  She felt Jay besides her and turned to him.  Jay started to kiss her, their faces now covered in the cops cum.  Jay pulled away from Kate and looked at her, he used his tongue to lick away some cum that was on her cheek.

The cop watched as Jay and Kate cleaned each other up.  He put his now limp dick back into this pants, zipped him self up and headed back to the car.

Kate and Jay both watched as the cop drove off, they looked at each other and smiled.  Their bodies tingled as they both got dressed.  Both taking the opportunity to have a last glimpse of each others bodies.

Once Kate was dressed, she walked over to Jay, placed a single kiss on his cheek, and without saying a word got on her bike and headed off down Fantasy row.

Jay stood there silently for a moment, taking in what had just happened.  He sat on his bike, remembering how sexy Kate had looked as she had very first walked towards him, and how hot her ass looked as she walked away from him.  He smiled to himself, pressed the starter button and let out a sigh of relief when his baby purred for him.

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