I Belong To You

You visit me in my dreams, every night you are there. Sometimes you walk by me, others you have the leading role. Tell me, Is that a sign?

You’re in my thoughts constantly, you have penetrated my mind, broken down barriers which were there to protect me from the pain of my past and possibilities in my future.

You have warmed my heart, a heart that had been broken and could no longer trust. Yet you were able to let yourself in, you brought a part of me which had been kept hidden from the world to life.

You touched my soul, what was once torn and scared, tarnished and dull is now shining with a light which had been dim for so long. Your presence completes me.

You have made my eyes sparkle, I may have looked before but I had never seen. Your presence commands my attention, I see you….. only you.

You have spoken and I hear you. Your voice captures my essence, I feel a magnetic pull from your words. A sense of belonging compels me to you. I hear you when we are together, I hear you when we are apart, I hear you in my dreams…. I hear you in my heart.

I feel you, I crave you, I need you…. I want you. I feel you on my skin, I feel your lips on mine, I feel your arms around me when I am sad. When my fingers find their way between my thighs I feel you inside me. When I climax, it’s your name I call out.

You may not know this but I am yours, I give myself to you….. if you want me, I’m here…. I’m waiting.

If you take my heart, please do not break it. It beats only for you, it reacts only to you and it will love you deeply and unconditionally for as long as you wish to hold it.

If you wish your soul to join with mine then please protect it, it will be loyal to only you, it will shine for you only.

If you accept me as yours I will be just that, I will live to make you happy, I will worship you, respect and honour you and all I ask is that you do the same in return.

So tell me, after all you have heard. Do you want me?

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