Variety Is The Orgasmic Spice Of Life

I am the words that entice you, the vision that draws your near, I am the scent that lures you closer and a fantasy that many fear.‘ D Desire

Allow me to bring you into my world. Take my hand, let me lead you through the workings of the mind of an erotic writer. Don’t be afraid, I’m here to guide entice you.. to awaken your body… to ignite your mind… to introduce you to fantasies that will cater for your every need…your every want… your every desire.

Erotica: Delve into a world where fantasy becomes reality. Where lust, passion and excitement fuse together resulting in scenes of hot.. steamy… passionate encounters. I assure you, there is enough to quench your sexual least for a little while.

A Hint Of Vanilla: BDSM inspired writings which aim to capture your imagination. Allow me to feed your Dominance, satiate your submissive side and open your mind to darker side of sexual fantasy.

Supernatural Erotica: Walk into the shadows, can you feel something looking at you? Can you sense a presence nearing? As lust fills the air, will you run and hide? Or will you allow yourself to be taken over, to be fulfilled…to be hunted.

Poetry In Motion: I invite you to explore the workings of my mind. Some pieces not finished, others are complete. Some that have sent me crazy as I whispered my defeat. Some that speak of lovers, some are dark and true others will leave you in tears as you feel my soul… alone and blue. A few may make you laugh, some will bring a smile… you may even feel inspired if you stay for a little while.

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