The Blind Date

Blind dates. Always so boring. After five of the most boring blind dates Sarah had ever been on, she imagined this would be the worst.  She had been told his name was Dave, 27,  5’9 and a mechanic, she was to meet him at the Coliseum at 7.30, it was now 7.45 and she was not amused.

Finally, a guy approached her table, dressed in a suit with his hair short and tidy; he was the last thing that she expected.  Dave apologised for being late, he told her that he had car trouble, which seemed a little strange since he was a mechanic.  Sarah soon forgot about being angry with him as she had finally met somebody she was attracted too.

Dave’s big brown eyes stole Sarah’s breath as she tried to concentrate on her order, she could not help but stare in to them, all she could think about was looking into them as they were making love, never mind whether to order the prawn cocktail or the soup.  His smile sent shivers down her spine, through the first course she teased him discretely with  her soup, making every mouthful seem like a drop of heaven, gazing into his eyes as she swallowed, giving him a cheeky smile as she pretended to have no clue of what she was implying.

Sarah took to using body language to seduce him whilst waiting for the second course,  fluttering her eyelashes, tracing her lips with hr fingertips and using the tip of her tongue to wet her lips. Dave  did not seem to be taking on any of her advances but Sarah did not give up , she wanted him, she wanted to feel his breath on her skin, his kisses on her breasts and his tongue sliding over her…..

The second course arrived, by now Sarah was feeling a tingle between her legs, her nipples were erect and she was incredibly horny, Dave had not made any advances on her and yet she was so sexually drawn to him . Sarah removed one of her stilettos and began to run the tip of her toes up Dave’s legs, he still gave no reaction, no sign as he talked to her, no pause before his next mouthful..nothing , but she still carried on moving her toes up his leg, past his knee until she reached his bulging member.  Sarah had a result!.

The second course was over, time for dessert, as much as this was the one and only time she really did not want dessert, she had to have it, after all he had given no suggestion that he wanted her until she found out for herself, and for this, she would carry on teasing him.

Sarah excused herself from the table and headed for the ladies room, she needed time to think about how she could tease Dave until he could take it no more.  She had a plan!  Sarah took off her black lace thong and placed it in her hand, if this did not get a reaction then she did not know what would.

When Sarah returned to the table dessert had arrived. Strawberries and chocolate..Perfect.  Sarah took hold of Dave’s hand and placed her thong on his palm, his mouth opened as he realised what she had done, he hesitated for a moment then smiled, he loved it and so did Sarah.  She teased him whilst eating her strawberries, dropping a little down her breasts so she could draw his attention to them.  Dave wanted her badly now and Sarah was loving the attention.

After dessert Dave asked if he could walk Sarah home, she was thrilled, she excused herself again and went to the ladies room, as she walked into the  cubicle the door opened behind her, it was Dave.  Dave pushed her into the cubicle and quieted her with a long passionate kiss, he pressed him self against her as hard as he could, she could feel his hard cock against her leg.  Their hearts raced to the same beat, their hands wondered over every inch of each other’s bodies, the sexual tension was unbearable.

Dave lifted Sarah top over her breasts and slipped them out of her bra then began to tease them with his tongue, Sarah moaned she felt her body tingling with pleasure, she could not take this anymore..she wanted him and she wanted him now!  Sarah pressed Dave up against the wall of the cubicle and knelt down, she opened the zipper of his pants and let them fall, she gasped as she saw the bulge his hard dick had made beneath his boxers. She pulled them down to reveal what she wanted to see and took pleasure in worshipping  his dick, she traced her tongue along his shaft and teased him with the tip of her tongue before taking him into her mouth, Dave groaned, her mouth felt hot against his dick, he could feel himself throbbing inside her, he glided his hips back and forth, with every thrust he groaned with  pleasure.

Sarah looked up into Dave’s eyes as she sucked him off, she could see the desperation in them, he wanted to fuck her badly.  She stopped sucking him off and turned around, rolling up her skirt she leaned into the wall and showed herself to him, Dave moved towards her and teased her clit with the end of his dick, she flinched then let out a moan, she was wet, her juices made his dick and hand sparkle.  Finally Dave gave into his urges and forced himself deep inside her, they both groaned, he placed his hands on her hips and tightened his grip on her, he was not in the mood for slow and sensual, he wanted to give her the best fuck of her life.

Dave trusted back and forth into Sarah’s hot core, every thrust took her breath away, his dick felt so big inside her, she loved it.  Sarah placed her hand on Dave’s thigh and urged him to go faster, Dave took his pace, he grabbed her hair and pulled as be began to fuck her faster and harder, by now they did not care that they were in a cubical in a restaurant, they both wanted an orgasm and they were both going to get one.  Sarah started to play with her clit and Dave thrust his dick deep inside her, she tightened herself around him, her body shuddered, her breathing became faster, her body tingled, she was cuming,  The feeling was intense, she felt every part of her body shudder with pleasure, Dave strokes became harder he knew she was cuming and wanted to make it even better, he reached round and teased her nipple with his fingers, Sarah could not cope, her body felt like it was going to erupt, she had never felt like this before. Her orgasm was intense, her juices flowed over Dave’s hot throbbing dick. Sarah used the wall to lean against as she felt her body relax, Dave slowed down for a moment  to give her time to steady herself.  Sarah reached her hand between her legs and began to tease his balls with her fingers, Dave groaned, he started to return to the pace he had been at, thrusting his dick into Sarah faster and harder, he could feel himself starting to erupt, he fucked her so hard, she was nearly screaming with pleasing, finally he shot his load deep within her, his rhythm slowed, their breaths slowed as they relaxed into each other.

Dave pulled out of Sarah and turned her around, kissing her gently on her lips, he ran his fingers down her cheek, then started to dress himself.  Sarah stood there for a moment, amazed at what had just happened. They both got dressed and walked out of  the restaurant without saying a word. Sarah‘s blind date had been a success.

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