Hotel Heartthrob

What the hell do you mean, you cheated because of me????”

“ Sorry but you weren’t there for me Suze! Where were you when I needed you?”

  “ You bastard!! I was working two jobs to pay the rent and the bills whilst you sat there on your arse and played games all day” Suzie shook with anger.

Taking a pillow from the couch, Stu held it up against his chest for protection. “ Come on babe! I love you ! Forgive me ok?! I’ll never do it again, and I’ll start looking for a job tomorrow!!!”

 Suzie grabbed a bag from under the bed, packed her pyjamas and a few other bits and ran down the stairs. “ I’m going out for the night, I want you gone when I get back!”

 “ But babe I have nowhere to go , come on, you have forgiven me the other times I’ve cheated, what makes this so different?”

Suzie stopped as she got to the door, she turned to look at the pitiful man behind her, for the first time, she saw him for what he was, ugly, both on the outside and in. She took a deep breath in and said in a very calm voice “ Stu, I want you out, you mean nothing to me anymore, go!” She opened the door and began to walk towards the car.

Full of panic, Stu ran towards her  “ Yes well no one is gonna want you Suze, look at you..your ugly and you’re a bitch!!”

Closing her eyes, Suzie took a deep breath. “ That may be so, but you are below me, go back to one of your whores!  WE ARE FINISHED!”  She got in the car and drove off , not looking back, she never wanted to see him again.

Hours seemed to pass she drove, her mind annoyingly replayed her argument over and over again, so much so that she put her music on full blast and cruised.  That was until she saw a café called Stu’s Café, it was then she felt her self breaking, she needed a place to stay.  Suzie drove to the nearest hotel, she managed to stay calm until she reached her room.  She threw her bags down and threw herself on the king size bed.

The argument she had with Stu played on her mind over and over again, her eyes were burning she had cried that much. How could he have done this to her again? She worked her ass off and for what?? A deadbeat!.

She sat up on the bed and wiped away her tears, she looked to the corner of the room “ Fantastic, mini bar !!!!”  she smiled as she noticed her comfort drink of choice…Baileys!!!  She reached for the ice bucket and headed out of her room to the ice machine, standing in front of the dispensary was a tall stocky man. She stopped in her tracks to admire him from behind, ‘ Damn what an ass!!’ her gaze went to his back, ‘Could any more muscles fit under that shirt??!!’, then back to his ass!, that was one damn fine ass!

Suzie smiled as she sized him up, a guy with muscles and an ass like that is either butt ugly or a complete ass hole! She walked forward to hear him cursing.

“ For fucks sake you stupid machine!” He banged his fist again the machines metal covering.

Suzie braced herself, the time of truth…ass hole or butt ugly..” Hey is everything ok?”

Mr nice ass turned around. Have you ever had one of those moments where everything seemes to be in slow motion? Like the way you fall over and it seems to take 20 seconds for you to fall when in reality it’s a split second?..well here it was..oh yeeessss!  He was slowly turning, her gaze shifted from his ass to the muscles rippling under his t-shirt as he moved his arm, she slide her gaze to his face, wow!!! Then down to his crotch..oh yes Mr Nice Ass has a great face and…

“ Excuse me miss?”

Mr nice ass stood there, looking at her.

Suzie’s heart skipped a beat, shit! She had been caught looking at his crotch, damn!  ‘what do I do now…smile!!!’  She smiled a smile so wide it felt fake..

Mr nice ass stood in front of her and laughed “oh don’t worry, I look at women’s tits all the time, never been caught though…”

Suzie felt herself go red …’oh lord, I don’t really believe in you but please open the ground and swallow me up’. 

“ I’m so sorry!! I really am, I just saw your ass and your back and wondered if you were good looking or an ass hole or both , and then there it was and I’m talking shit and I’m going to go now!!!” She turned and ran back to her room, slamming the door in her wake.

She sat there on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands, she looked over to where the mirror was hanging on the wall “ damn it, could you be any more pathetic??!!! I need the mini bar”

 Suzie was about to down a straight Vodka when there was a knock at the door, without a thought she opened it to find Mr nice ass leaning up against the door’s frame with a cute ‘haha I saw you looking at my crotch’ smile on his face.

“ Hey, you forgot your ice, here you can have some of mine.”

He pushed past her and headed to the mini bar, pulled out the Jack Daniels, poured it into a glass and added some ice “ What’s your poison?”

 Suzie blinked, then remembered to breathe…” How did you know where I was?”

Mr nice ass sat on the bed “That beetroot colour on your face can be seen from across the street sweetheart” he laughed as he picked up the Baileys “ I think you’re a Baileys girl!” He poured it into a glass , added ice and handed it to her “ I’m Paul by the way, my dick doesn’t have a name, although he has been called ‘oh my god’ by many. If you like I can introduce you two?”

 Suzie’s mind went blank, she was in shock, never had anything like this happened to her, she took the drink, downed it, and just stood there, not moving.

Paul walked over to her, Suzie’s eyes met the floor. “ Hey are you ok? I’ve not embarrassed you have I?

 Suzie lifted her gaze to his face and wow… what a face. It was like his features had been chiselled by the gods themselves, his piercing blue eyes took her breath away, and that mouth, she wondered what it would be like to feel her lips on his. With a raise of his eyes brows she came falling back to reality “ Suzie, my name is Suzie”

 Paul smiled at her and walked to the chair at the side on the bed and sat down. “Can we start again? We got off to a bad start with all the crotch gazing”

Suzie  laughed “ Yes please if you don’t mind, I’m kinda really embarrassed”

 Paul got up and  walked out of the door.  Suzie stood still, wondering what had just happened.  She jumped a mile when there was a knock at the door.  She opened it to find Paul standing in front of her, his eyes fixed on her breasts.

“ Hey there my name is Paul, would you like some ice.” He didn’t once look up from her breasts.

Suzie laughed and slapped him on the shoulder “ Hey !!!!”

Paul looked  up and laughed  “Ok ok , now we’re even, lets start again” he smiled and closed the door.

Suzie giggled, another knock. She opened the door, Paul was once again leaning against the door frame  “ Hi there, I hope you don’t mind me knocking, but I have the last of the ice and I was wondering if you would like to share it.” He smiled at her, and what a smile it was, she had butterflies in her stomach, his smile was so perfect.

Standing up straight, she gave him a big smile and fluttered her eyelashes. “ I would love too, thank you for being so considerate, please do come in“.

Paul once again headed for the mini bar, he took out another Baileys, poured it, then handed it to her. “ I’m Paul by the way..and you are?”

She took the glass and smiled “ I’m Suzie, its nice to meet you Paul” . Walking over to the bed, she pulled the remote for the t.v. form the drawer and put the music channel on.  Paul sat next to her and was about to talk when her mobile phone rang.

Suzie pulled the phone from her bag and looked at the caller id, it was Stu “ Sorry I need to get this” She walked into the bathroom, closed the door then answered it.

“What do you want??”

She sat on the edge of the bath.

“ I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I shouted at you, and if you want to come home now I will forgive you and all will be forgotten”.

She lost control of her coolness “ What the hell are you going on about? You cheated on me..for the third time Stu and you want to forgive me??. She stood up and paced the bathroom

“Baby come on, think about it, you won’t be able to get anyone else who will put up with you working all the time or put up with the fact that you want them to help you with the house work once you get home. Plus you’re not the best of lookers, come on, come home”

Suzie looked at herself in the mirror, her long black hair was tied up, leaving a fringe cascading to her big green eyes. Her lips were full, a little dry but that didn’t make her ugly.  She was slim, and thought that for a woman of 30 her body was in good condition. Yes she wished her bottom and breasts were bigger, but what woman didn’t?

She took a deep breath “ Stu I’m not ugly, I could have any man that I want, in fact I could walk out on to the street and pick a man if I wanted to. But that’s not the point, I don’t want you, I don’t need you..and I want you out of my house and my life!”

Stu began to Call her names, nothing unusal..‘bitch‘,‘hoar’, ‘slag’, non of which usually bothered her, but for some reason she burst into tears. As she was about to retaliate, the bathroom door swung open and Paul walked in.  He took the phone off Suzie.

“ Hey, this is Paul, I’v just over heard the conversation that you and Suzie have had and I gotta tell you something.”

Paul winked and smiled at Suzie.

Suzie could hear Stu shouting abuse down the phone and was amazed by how calm Paul was being.

“ Yeah I know all about it, you think you can cheat on a beautiful woman, make her lose her confidence and still expect her to stay with you…………yes I said beautiful, I’m looking at her right now and let me tell you, I plan to make love to her all night. I’m going to make her feel like a woman again and show her exactly how a man can pleasure a woman. I’m going to make her feel like a goddess. So,  if you don’t mind, I’m going to put the phone down….oh before I go, if your not out of her home this time tomorrow, Ill be coming to help you out”.

With that he put the phone down.

Suzie did’nt know whether to laugh or cry, so instead she chose to stand and gawp.  Paul walked to her and pulled her close, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head “ Don’t worry about him, he isn’t worth it”

 Beneath his arms Suzie giggled “ I would have loved to of seen his face when you grabbed the phone, thank you, I really do appreciate it.”

 Paul took her hand and guided her to the bed “ Come have a drink with me my love, you’re shaking, you need to calm down a little”

 Suzie followed, she sat down and took a sip of her drink, when she looked at Paul, he was looking at her and smiling, his eyes hungry, his lips damp, god he looked so sexy!!

Paul shifted closer to her “I meant what I said on the phone, I plan to make love to you all night, show you what a real man can do.”  He gently kissed her lips, his hand cupping her face and caressing her cheek with his thumb.  Suzie couldn’t believe how good his kiss was, it was sensual, romantic, she could tell that he wanted more, which just excited her because so did she.

Paul took hold of her hand and gently stroked his fingers down hers before moving it to his thigh, once there, he slowly moved her hand up to his crotch, Suzie gasped. “ This is my dick, my dick this is Suzie” Paul and Suzie both giggled.

“ This proves to you how beautiful you really are, all I have done is kiss you and I’m hard.”  Before Suzie could say anything, he pulled her up to stand and kissed her again, this time with a little more passion.  He ran his hands down her back to her bottom and gave it a little squeeze,  then to her arms, lifting them over her head.

As she closed her eyes she could feel his hot breath against her cheek, with every kiss her body came to life, her skin tingled in anticipation for his touch, her nipples hardened against her bra, begging to be let loose.  Paul started to unbutton her shirt letting it fall to the floor, the silk sent a tingling sensation all over her body as it fell.   He ran his hands up and down her arms as he kissed her shoulders and up her neck.  Suzie tried to wrap her arms around him, but he simply put her arms to her sides and whispered “ No baby this is all for you.”  As he walked around the back of her, his hand never left soft skin, he unlatched her bra and let it fall to the floor.  Suzie felt exposed, but for once she was loving it. He trailed one single finger down the middle of her back which resulted in Suzie arching against the sensation.  Paul took off his t-shirt  and pulled her back to his chest, the heat of his skin against hers only made Suzie want more, she pressed against him and let out a little moan of pleasure.

Paul smiled, he knew that she had never felt this way before, she had never had a males attention focused on her and he was going to make sure that this would be a night that she never forgot.  He trailed his fingers around to her stomach whilst kissing the back of her shoulders, he then traced a seductive path to her breasts  and gently circled her nipples.  Suzie could feel his hard dick pressed up against her back, straining to be released from its confines.

Gentle turning her around to meet her gaze he took her head in his hands and kissed her with so much passion that she almost orgasmed on the spot, her knees went to jelly. She felt one of his hands go to her back to keep her form falling,  Once again he began to kiss her neck, as he trailed his hands down to her pants, unbuttoned them and let them fall to the floor.  He took her into his arms and lay her on the bed, Suzie’s hands found their way to his arms, she could feel his strength, her hands welcomes the feel of his arms.

As he lay himself over Suzie, he took his weight on his elbows. He kissed her again, his tongue meeting hers in a dance of pure exotic passion, he used his leg to separate hers and began to  gently thrust his hard bulge against her .  Suzie let out a gasp and bent her knees, her hands going to Paul’s back, but once again he moved her hands away and put them above her head.  Paul stopped kissing her and whispered “ I want to taste you, I bet you taste so sweet”.  He moved his mouth to her swollen breast and teased her nipple with his tongue, with every lick her body arched against his.  His attention was then on her other nipple, his mouth felt like fire against it, he pulled away blew a little cold air then proceed to tease it with the tip of his tongue. Suzie moaned, she could feel his hardness pressing against her now wet knickers.

He left a trail of kisses  along her stomach until he came to her knickers, taking hold of each side with his hands, he pulled them away from her until they fell to the floor.  He lifted her legs so that her thighs went over his shoulders, then gave her core one single lick “ I was right, you do taste amazing” .  Suzie shuddered, she moved her hands down her body to where Paul’s head was lay and ran her fingers through his hair.  Paul used his hands to spread her slightly, then began to tease her clit with his tongue.  Suzie’s mind swirled, her body felt like it was on fire, with every  heavenly lick her body tingled, her hips began to move against his tongue.

Paul placed one finger into her core, it was so tight and wet, the scent and feel of her made his dick press painfully against his jeans.  Suzie moved her hips up and down so that she could ride Paul fingers whilst he licked her.  He nuzzled against her clit, taking it into his mouth and gently sucking.   Suzie let out a moan, her whole body tensed as her orgasm began to erupt, Paul had to use his arm to steady her, and began to tease her sensitive bud of nerves even move with his tongue as he felt her tighten around his finger.  Her orgasm hit its peak hot silky liquid consumed his finger.  Suzie’s body shook, never had she ever had an orgasm like this, her head started to spin a little as Paul carried on licking her until her body relaxed.  He moved up and kissed her passionately on her lips. Suzie’s breathing was heavy, Paul could feel her breasts teasing his chest with every breath she took.

Paul got off the bed and stood in front of her, she was glowing, her breathing still heavy from her orgasm made her breasts wobble, he longed to feel them again.  He waited until  she opened her eyes before he began to undress.

Suzie smiled  as he took off his t-shirt slowly raising it over his head , his muscles rippled, his skin was tanned and firm, his nipples begged to be licked.  He threw his t-shirt over to Suzie, she caught it laughed and began to sing  ‘ You can leave your hat on’.  Paul laughed and began to pull his zip down, slowly, Suzie’s eyes were fixed on the one place she had been looking when they had met.

He let his jeans drop to the floor to reveal black Calvin Klein Boxers, his hard dick  was nearly exposed, she waited with bated breath for him to release what had been keeping him confined.  Paul turned and looked over his shoulder as he finally dropped his confines to the ground .  Suzie ran her eyes over his back, then down to his bottom,  his skin was like the glistening hot sand of the Sahara desert, he was beautiful…an Adonis .

“ Suzie, close your eyes for me”. He winked

“ Hey I thought you were finally going to introduce us?” She smiled, tongue between her teeth.  She closed her eyes and lay back, her heart quickening its pace as she awaited her introduction.

Paul moved to the end of the bed, and looked at Suzie, She was beautiful, he was  amazed by both her body and mind, the way she trusted him after what she had been through only made him want to make passionate love to her even more.  Her hair, though still tied up , lay around her shoulders coming to an end at her swollen breasts.  Her stomach glistened with few remaining beads of sweat caused by the intensity of  the orgasm.

He slid his way up her body, the touch of her skin sent  shivers all over his.  He lay on top of her, his weight once again on his elbows, he kissed the tip of her nose, then lightly brushed his lips against hers catching her bottom lip with his tongue as he did.  Suzie took a deep breath in, she could feel his hard dick pressing against her hot, wet core, she longed to feel him inside her.

He smiled at her as slid his dick slowly inside her , Suzie gasped and moaned as he stretched her, felt so big .  She arched her back allowing him to enter deeper.  Paul looked in to her eyes “ You feel so tight” he kissed her again as he pulled out of her, then dove himself back in, Suzie wrapped her legs around him urging him for more.  Paul slid his hands down to hers and placed them behind her head, he held them there with one hand using the other to caress her breast whilst his tongue massaged her nipple.

Suzie’s moans of pleasure filled the room as her body shuddered with pure ecstasy.  Paul thrust his hips forward until she took in every inch. He still for a moment enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by her hot wet pussy.  He moved his mouth to her other nipple devouring it, she moved her hands down to his back, digging her nails in slightly, Paul moaned  and began to thrust in and out of her with need. His hand trailed to her thigh and gave it a squeeze, he began to kiss her neck as he  pulled her closer to him.  Their bodies were entwined to perfection, they became as one as he made love to her.

Suzie’s body started to tense around him, her hands held on to his back as he thrust his dick in and out of her, she began to scream with pure pleasure , her hot pussy pulsed against his dick as she came, her hot creamy liquid flowed all around him.  Paul watched as she  flung her head back into the bed and closed her eyes, she looked so sexy when she had an orgasm.  He carried on making love to her as her orgasm passed, then pulled out and turned her over .

Suzie was knelt on the bed with her hands in front of her , she turned her head and looked at Paul.  Paul laced her back with kisses as reached around to her breasts and began to tease her nipples as he thrust deep inside her.  Suzie moaned aloud as his hard dick entered her, she steadied herself on the bed, Paul thrust himself in and out of her faster, he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him with every thrust.  Just when Suzie thought she couldn’t take anymore, he moved his hand  to her  clit and began to tease her with his fingers. Suzie’s moan became loud and often, her pussy hot and wet around his dick, he loved the feel of her.

He rubbed her clit a little harder, Suzie moved her hand to her nipple and began to massage it.  Paul thrust deeper and harder, his moans in time with hers, their bodies hot and moist from their love making.  Paul quickened his pace as his body tensed, his fingers rubbed against her clit whilst the other dug into hip.  Suzie screamed “ Oh god, I’m cumming” her pussy pulsed around him, her body tensed as her hips thrust against his.   Paul  gave one last thrust before his own moans mixed with hers, his hot cream bringing relief to her aching core.  Suzie slumped onto the bed followed by Paul who then lay on top of her, kissing her shoulders before he pulled himself out .

Suzie lay on the bed her eyes closed “ Oh wow, I don’t think I can move”

Paul scooped her up into his arms and took her into the bathroom, he sat her down on the edge of the bath whilst he put the shower on.  He got it to the right temperature, then picked her up,

“ Wrap your legs around me baby.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist and held on whilst he allowed the water to cascade around them.  He took the soap and lathered up her breasts, massaging each one.  Suzie’s eyes closed as the water ran over her face, she could feel Paul hardening against her throbbing pussy.

Paul moved his soapy hands down her tummy to her thighs, he massaged them , making sure he brushed his thumb against her clit with every stroke.  Suzie rested her head on his shoulder, the water, now running down her back sending tingling sensations all over her body.  As he rinsed the soap off his hands he lifted her chin and kissed her passionately on the lips , he pushed his hardness against her “ You make me so hot, all I can think about is being inside you again.”

Suzie reached between her legs and took hold of his hardness , “ Don’t think about it, do it” She tightened her legs around him and pulled him into her, they both gasped. Paul wrapped one arm around her waist, and placed the other on the wall.  Suzie moved her self up and down his large girth, she wanted to feel him deep inside her, she put her hands around his neck and kissed him.  She started to slow down as she was so exhausted from her orgasms, Paul felt this and leant her up against the shower wall, he put his hands under her bottom and thrust deep inside her, they both moaned as the ecstasy enveloped them.  The water from the shower kept them cool yet their passion was steaming.

Suzie moved her hands to his hips and urged him to go faster, Paul’s feet began to slip, so he took her out of the shower to the edge of the bed, where he laid her down, and began to fuck her, hard and fast.  Suzie placed a hand between her legs and started to play with her clit, which only turned Paul on more.  Suzie lifted her legs to Paul’s shoulders.  He ran his hands down her legs, then held them tight as he pounded into her.  Suzie removed her fingers from her clit , brought them up to her mouth and licked them , all whilst she was looking into Paul’s eyes.  Paul let loose a low growl, he wanted to taste her!

He removed himself from her, knelt down and began to lick and tease her pussy once more.  Suzie’s moans turned into screams of pleasure, she put her fingers through Paul’s hair and held his head close to core.  She began to move her hips to the rhythm of Paul’s licks, her hands went to her breasts, she massaged and teased her nipples as she felt her orgasm approaching.

“ Oh my god, Paul, I’m going to cum again, please I want you in me when I cum.”

Suzie moved away from Paul, she placed herself at the top of the bed and opened her legs for him.

Paul moved towards her, he kissed her passionately then drove his hard dick inside her, she gasped.  He gripped her ankles and spread her legs further apart. Suzie licked her finger and began to play with her sensitive nub, at once her orgasm fired up on her like a volcano erupting, spilling its hot lava, she screamed and  held on to the bed.  Her pussy felt so tight and hot around Paul’s dick, their bodies started to shudder as they reached the peak of their orgasms, Paul let out a loud roar as he came inside her.

Paul began to ease his thrusts until they were nice and slow, he leaned down and kissed  Suzie gently on the lips “ That was amazing”. Their breathing was hot and heavy, they stayed as they were looking at each other, their hearts beating at the same time.  Paul smiled as he lay next to her, she looked so beautiful, neither of them had enough energy to move, Suzie’s eyes started to close, she could not fight sleep anymore, she opened her eyes, looked at Paul and smiled “ Thank you”.

Paul watched her as she fell asleep, he felt his eyes closing, he pulled her close to him, then fell asleep.

Suzie woke up and snuggled up to her pillow, instantly she felt sore from all the sex, but she didn’t mind, it was worth it, it was the best night of her life.  Realising she had fallen asleep next to Paul she shot up into a sitting position and looked to where Paul had been.  He was not there, she looked around her room, and into the bathroom, he was no where to be seen.  Something on the pillow next to her caught her eye, it was an envelope with a rose on top of it.

Suzie took the rose and put it to her nose, its scent was so beautiful, like it was freshly picked, she put the rose down and read the note:


Thank you for such an amazing night, you were exceptional .  I knew form the moment I saw you that I wanted to be with you for one special night, and god did you make that night special.  You are a beautiful woman, who deserves a hell of a lot better than what you have had, and I hope last night helped you to realise that.   Paul xxx

For a split second Suzie felt hurt that he had left without saying goodbye, she lay back on the bed, closed her eyes and pictured what had happened the night before, her body heated up at the thought of Paul’s hands on her necked body.  She opened her eyes, there was only one thing she wanted now.  A long, hot, bubble bath.