A Spiritual Awakening

I lay in wait, the darkness encapsulates my body as the sun finally sets. Only the light from the moon illuminates my surroundings. As the cold wind brushes my skin, I am drawn to sounds that the night brings, rustling of leaves and rodents scurrying on the ground below me, trying to find their next meal.

For many, the darkness is scary. It’s a time to be in bed or snuggled up on the couch watching TV with a loved one, but for me, that all changed six months ago when my world was turned upside down. I lost the man I love, my best friend and my soul mate.

Now here I lay, waiting as I do every night. The cold stone below me protects the only man I have loved, the only man I have ever slept with. You think I’m crazy, don’t you!? A crazy woman who visits her dead husband’s grave every night. Before you place judgement upon me, let me take you back to four months ago.

I won’t bore you with emotions and feelings, that’s not what you want to know. I shall start simply.

For the first time in 2 months, I was able to visit my husband’s grave. I opted to visit at night as there were far less people. I needed the quiet, the peace. I felt comfortable in the darkness.

I stood in front of his grave stone and read the scripture

“In Loving Memory of

Luke Michaels

Beloved Husband, Father, Son and Friend.

1979 – 2016

Those We Love Don’t Go Away, They Walk Among Us Every Day”

 As my tears began to run down my cheeks, a warm breeze soothed me, bringing with it a familiar scent – his scent. My body stiffened as my eyes ferociously searched the graveyard trying to find the person who wore the same aftershave as my beloved. My heart ached, I was beginning to think that my mind was playing tricks on me until I caught a glimpse of the man walking towards me. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe and couldn’t believe my own eyes! It was him, my Luke.

My legs could no longer hold my quivering body, I collapsed on the floor. Luke knelt beside me, his smile just as beautiful as I remember. My eyes closed as he touched my cheek, I relaxed to his touch, my body instantly reacting. I felt warm heat pooling between my thighs as his soft lips touched mine, his hands cupping my face and back as he pressed our bodies closer together.

He lay me down on the ground and began to unbutton my dress, leaving only my underwear preventing me from being naked. I felt his hands on me, his fingers slowly drifting between my legs, moving the cotton material to the side whilst his powerful fingers teased my sensitive bud. My nipples hummed, his warm tongue caressed them with expertise as he brought me closer to orgasm. His lips crashed down on mine smothering the sounds of my pleasure.

I opened my eyes to see Luke before me, his suit trousers now by his knees, as he held his hard cock in his hands. Looking down at me, he smiled as he took his rightful place in between my legs. I wrapped myself around him as he thrust himself inside me, I cried out, his cock stretching me, owning me. His hands grasped at my breasts, using them for leverage as his thrusts became deeper and faster. Passion sparked around us, my impending orgasm building around him.

I dug my nails into his back pulling him closer as my body shuddered around his. I was in heaven, every ripple of my orgasm sending me into a perpetual state of ecstasy.

I felt Luke pull himself from my body, no longer were we entwined to perfection. He sat next to me, caressing his fingers down the side of my face leaving me wanting, needing and craving more of him.

His lips met mine, his soft kiss bringing an end to what had happened between us. I watched as he stood, his pants now fastened and his suit as perfect as it had been in the beginning. He smiled at me one last time before he started to walk away, with each step his form faded into the night.

When I could no longer see him a sob broke from my lips, it was like I had lost him all over again. As I was giving up hope that the whole experience had happened, that same breeze brought me his scent. I took him in savoring every moment, hoping that it would cling to my clothing so I could take him with me.

As I left the grave yard I turned around hoping to get a glimpse of my Luke, but what happened next brought goose bumps to my heightened body. Not once had he spoken to me whilst we made love, he waited until the right time. The time when I most needed to hear his voice. He waited until I was leaving to send his words along with the breeze. ‘I love you Lisa’.

So now you see why I’m here…lay on my husband’s grave waiting for him to come to me, to be with me, to love me. Now if you will excuse me, my husband awaits.