Corrupting The Bad Boy


“There is a problem on A Wing, seems someone down there has access to a mobile phone, snitch told us it’s on the wing but will not divulge who is in possession of it.”  Officer Smith looked to his fellow officers.

“Let them keep it, keeps them quiet and gives us an easy life” Officer Hanley looked around the room. “I’m right though aren’t I!”

Ignoring Hanley’s comment Officer Smith carried on. “The problem is that if the other inmates find out about it either someone will get hurt or there could be uproar”.

“I think I know who it may be, can we keep this low key?  Don’t want people to catch on to us looking for something, chances are we will never find it then”  Officer Wood stood tall, being a new officer she knew she had to hold her own against the long term staff.

Smith eyed Officer Wood, not what you would expect for a prison officer.  In her 20’s she was a less experienced officer but held herself with confidence,  usually the female officers had their hair tied back and no make-up which made them look like they had spent two minutes getting ready but not Officer Wood, she took time on her appearance from her braided hair to her perfect makeup.  Her uniform was always on point, today she wore her white shirt with what looked like a white lace bra underneath, usually females wore vests under their shirts so no officers or inmates get cheap thrills but not Officer Wood.  Her shirt was tucked in neatly into her black pants which hugged her beautiful curves, this woman belonged on a catwalk, not a prison ward.

“Or you can tell us who you think it is and let us sort it”. Smith’s words were firm

“With all due respect Sir, if I tell you and I’m wrong then it could cause trouble for this individual.  I’d much rather do this low key, rather this way than a full blown riot, if word gets out.  Don’t you agree Sir?”  Wood smiled, she knew he wouldn’t say no, after all she had been flirting with the man for the past 3 months, something she really didn’t enjoy doing.

Smith stood close to Wood now, inhaling her perfume and placing a hand at the base of her back. “Lauren, do you really think you could do this without arousing suspicion?”

“Yes Sir, I do.  The inmates respect me, I have built up a good working relationship with them so I know I can do this.”

“Fine! You have until the end of shift, come debrief me when you’re done” Smith winked.  Wood gave him a big smile then rolled her eyes when his back was turned, she really couldn’t stand that man. 

Rushing down the corridor she made her way to cell 7, as she peered inside she noted 5 inmates all sat around talking.  All of them wore grey joggers and white t-shirts, standard inmate uniform. The good thing about this uniform?  Every inmate with an ounce of muscle looked seriously sexy, especially since she was partial to a bad boy.  There was however, only one bad boy in that cell that she needed to see.  She stood in the doorway and cleared her throat.

“O’Donnell!” She eyed the man in question, ignoring the wolf whistles that she was greeted with.

O’Donnell looked up, her breath caught, she loved his brown puppy dog eyes.   As he stood she couldn’t help but stare, his body was strong and powerful. His t-shirt was tort around his large muscular chest in the same way his sleeves strained against his powerful arms.  He really was an Adonis.

O’Donnell crossed his arms, her gaze followed, mesmerised by the way his defined muscles tensed as he moved.  She noticed his fingers tapping his bicep, immediately she blushed, realising she had been caught in the act of admiring him. She looked him straight in the eyes. “I need you to come with me…now!”  As the other inmates jeered at her words O’Donnell followed her out.

“What is this about Miss?”  She kept her focus straight, she knew that if she were to look at him now she would go weak at the knees.

“Just follow me and stop asking questions.”  She demanded with confidence.

She led him into a vacant room and closed the door, no sooner had the latched clicked O’Donnell had her pinned against the wall, his lips inches from hers.

“I have warned you before about speaking to me like that Lauren.”  He pushed her arms above her head and held them there with one hand.

“Sorry Craig, the power of the uniform goes to my head sometimes” she laughed

His eyes grew stern and his grip on her hands tightened, “One day I will be out of here and you will no longer be a screw, then try talking to me like that!”

Lauren smiled. “I don’t know, I quite like it here.  The people are nice, the food is good and there’s lots of amazing men……..u’s, lots of urm menus!”

Before she could carry on digging herself in deeper, Craig crashed his lips down on hers, a sound of pleasure caught in her throat as his forceful tongue met hers.  He pushed her legs apart using his knee and placed it in between her thighs, “I’ve been thinking about fucking you all morning Lauren, burying my cock inside your pretty pussy has kept me hard.”

“Babe, less talking more doing” she kissed the tip of his nose in a playful manner before smiling at him.  Craig couldn’t resist her, no matter how much she sassed him, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her gorgeous body. 

“Don’t move your hands Lauren, if you do I’ll strip you and kick you into the hall.”  Lauren flinched.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

He simply looked at her, “Try me!”  He moved his hands to her shirt and started to unbutton it, he wanted nothing more to rip the shirt from her body, his inner beast screamed for him to do it, to send the buttons flying across the room but he knew there would be consequences if he did.

“I love how you don’t wear a vest under your shirt, I get to stare at them when you’re on shift, I fantasise about wrapping my lips around your gorgeous nipples.”  He took the shirt from her body and dropped it at her feet, then made quick work of her bra.  Her nipples hardened instantly inviting his tongue to tease them.

Lauren moaned as his warm tongue caressed her sensitive bud, her back arched against the wall begging for him to take her into his mouth.  He squeezed her breasts, his hands savouring the feel of her, he longed for the moment to come when he could take his time worshipping her body but for now they were on a time limit.  He took her nipple into his mouth, using his teeth he gently nipped it, making her jump. 

He teased her nipples with his mouth, with every gasp, every sensual motion of her body his cock grew harder. He needed to bury himself deep inside her soon.

He moved his lips back to hers, he kissed her passionately, pressing his chest against hers so he could feel her amazing breasts pushing against him. 

Lauren was completely under his spell, she wanted to move her arms, wanted to run her fingers over his arms and back but she knew that if she did he would stop and the fire that was burning deep inside her would not be tamed.

Craig stood back from her and pushed his joggers down to his ankles. “Come here and suck me Lauren, show me how much you want me.”  She did as she was told, she knelt in front of him, her hands resting on his thighs as she placed her tongue at the base of his cock and slowly began to lick her way to the tip. Inch by inch.  She placed a gentle kiss on the tip and looked up until she met his eyes, she could see how much he wanted this.  He was holding himself back, trying not to be demanding but she loved that side of him so she smiled then carried on teasing his now throbbing cock.

She moved one hand to his engorged balls, using her finger tips to tickle them, she felt them contract, she wanted nothing more than to place her mouth around them one by one but doing that would be giving him what he wanted…after all…she just wanted to tease him into dominance.

Lauren wrapped her lips around his cock, and gently made her way down his shaft, pausing every now and again just to hear his sighs of frustration. “Are you ok babe?” she asks as she flutters her eyelashes.

“You know what you’re doing, stop teasing me!”

She licked a pearl of pre-cum from his cock and leaned back “Mmmm, you taste good!”

That was the last straw, “aw fuck this, open your mouth princess”, he placed his hands on her braided hair and drove himself deep into her mouth, his control was breaking…his body awakened and demanded more.  Her mouth was amazing, if he didn’t gain control he would end up spilling his juices down her throat and as much as that would feel good there was somewhere else he would rather be.  He allowed himself a few more thrusts into her hot mouth before he pulled himself out.

Without speaking he he pulled her pants to the floor, took her chin in his hand and kissed her before whispering “On all fours sexy….Now!”.  Lauren didn’t have to be told twice!  She turned around and placed her hands on the floor and separated her knees, evidence of her arousal now evident on her glistening lips.

Craig ran his hands over her back and down to her bottom, he really did love her arse.  She really was the epitome of sexy!  As Lauren was about to complain about him taking too long she felt a sharp sting on her bottom “Ow! What the???”

“You know I love the sound of my hand slapping your sexy ass!”  He brought his hand down on her beautiful globes once more. “That was for speaking to me the way you did” Again his hand connected with her tender skin. “That was for teasing my cock with your mouth.  And this is for being so fucking gorgeous.”  He drove his cock deep into her core, her silky juices covering every inch of him as he impaled her.

A moan of pure pleasure escaped Laurens lips, this is what she longed for!  He slowly removed his cock inch by inch until only the tip was at her tight entrance.  As soon as he felt her body relax he impaled her once more,  whilst one hand was wrapped around her waist he ran his other hand around her hip and in-between her legs until he found her clit, the beautiful bundle of nerves was engorged and sensitive to the touch.  He felt her pussy tighten around him as he teased her, his fingers gently rubbing her until her body started to shake.

“Craig please, I need your cock, please fuck me!”

With more pressure he began to rub her clit, his cock slowly moving out of her as her pussy desperately tried to clamp down on him. “No baby, you always come first”. 

Lauren’s moans became louder as her body tightened around his, she couldn’t hold on any longer, her back arched as her orgasm approached.  Craig fingers worked their magic as his cock teased her, she could feel every inch of him, she tried to bounce against him but his strong hand kept her in place.  Just as she thought she would not take anymore her body exploded, she rode the waves of her pleasure as Craig worshipped her sensitive clit.

When Craig could feel her orgasm subsiding he leaned forward taking hold of her braid in one hand whilst the other now held on to her hip.  He drove himself deep into her pussy until every inch was surrounded by her hot, wet flesh.  Now was no longer the time to tease her, he wanted to fuck her, to own her. He thrust himself into her over and over again, pulling on her hair just enough to bring her both pain and pleasure.  He felt his balls draw up as his own orgasm was pending, he fucked her hard and fast.  His hand left her braid and gripped on to her hip slamming her against him, he could feel Lauren tensing around him, urging him to fill her with his hot seed.

Crag could feel his shaft begin to tingle, he was nearly there!  He felt Lauren shift, just as he was about to tell her to stay still he felt her fingers caressing his tender balls…he couldn’t hold on any longer, the tingle in his cock shot from his balls…then to his shaft until his hot cum erupted into her.  He slowed his pace just enough so he could catch his breath and keep bringing his woman pleasure.  He ran his hands over her back until he reached her shoulders, using her for leverage one last time he sank his cock deep within her pussy until they were completely as one.  He traced tender kisses over her neck and shoulders then down her spine until his now heavy cock was no longer inside her.

Craig picked Lauren up in his arms and cradled her against his chest “You’re amazing babe” His lips met her forehead.  When Laurens breathing had settled he lowered her to the floor, “Get dressed beautiful, we have to get back before someone knows we are gone.”

“Craig, I can’t wait for you to get out of here”.  Pulling her pants around her hips and fastening them she looks at him, admiring his body.

“I know babe, me to.  I want to spend the night wrapping you in my arms, kissing you, sleeping with you. It will happen soon, don’t worry.”

As Lauren fixed her shirt she remembered the reason why she had come to him in the first place “They know about your phone. I’ve managed to bide you some time but you need to give it to me to keep it safe, they will be checking your rooms at the end of the shift.”

Smiling he took her into his arms “I love the way you look after me princess…. Thank you.”

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