A Stars Blessing

She stood on the tallest hill , bathing in the moon light. The stars sparkling above her, their presence a welcomed sight.

She closed her eyes and spoke with her heart hoping that the magic of the night would cast its spell, praying that her heart would be heard, her soul blessed., that the universe would open and tell.

‘ I call upon the stars, I speak into the night, I pray for the powers to hear my plea, to bathe me in your light’.

She waited…. She hoped…. And finally she saw, one single star began to fall until its light shone upon the floor.

‘ Oh beautiful star, I thank you for hearing my heart call. Please tell me….. will my heart ever become whole, will my life every become fruitful, will my soul ever become complete’.

The star began to warm her until she lulled into a deep sleep and there she lay on the highest hill, her body close to defeat.

In her dreams she stood before him, his eyes so dark but true, he held out his hand and she reached for him until sparks danced and flew.

‘Come with me my love, take me by the hand for I am here to mend your heart, to complete your soul and to be your man. I’m waiting for you to find me, I’ve been looking my whole life, I’ve been longing to feel your lips on mine and to take you as my wife. Your path so far has been hard and I have heard and felt your tears but until now you have not been ready but I’m here to now to take away your fears. Walk with me in the sun light, dance with me under the moon, allow me to keep your heart safe… to be loyal to only you. I’ll be your forever, if you will be my Queen. We will meet one day when your ready and I will finally set you free. Now open your eyes and realise that you’re meant for so much more, wonder your path with a smile, your eyes no longer on the floor’.

She lay on the tallest hill , bathing in the moon light. The stars sparkling above her, their presence a welcomed sight. She opened her eyes, a smile upon her face… she would finally get her happy ending, her prince, her love…her soulmate.

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