He Kneels At My Feet

He sits at my feet, his body knelt in my desired position.    Although he is relaxed his ears are alert, waiting for my next command.

My fingers gently caress his neck as I speak to the gentleman next to me, I may be deep in conversation but my attention never leaves the man at my feet, he is my focus, my passion…my responsibility.

I excuse myself from the conversation and move my fingers  to rest under his chin, as I lean forward I bring  his face towards mine and whisper ‘ My boy, please go and get us two bottles of water and the chocolate of your choice from the bar.’  His body is alert now, he  smiles knowingly and in one smooth motion stands.  I take his hand and gently kiss the tip of his fingers, this is my way of showing him how proud I am of him that he did not hesitate at my command.

He knows now that our scene will soon be upon us, already his mind is teasing him with what will soon come to pass.  I watch as he speedily walks away, I take him in, the way his black pants hug his bottom and his hips, his naked back flexing as his arms gently swing by his sides.  I know he is excited, yearning for me to touch him.  He desires my domination as much as I desire his submission and for the next few hours I am his and more importantly he is mine…. My pleasure…my boy…my submissive.

When he disappears out of sight I turn and continue my earlier conversation, the gentleman compliments me on my boys compliance and I beam with pride.

Within minutes I can feel him stood next to where I sit, I do not acknowledge him but continue with the conversation whist I wait for him to take his place.

As he kneels once again at my feet his scent fills the air around me, showing me that he has truly listened to our conversation and knows which aftershave I prefer.  I reward him by running my fingers through his hair as I bring his body closer to my leg.  He places his head upon my lap and cuddles into me.  My fingers brush up against his cheek as I silently thank him for his obedience.

‘Excuse me Miss’   I look to my right to see a naked woman before me.

‘ I’ve been  told to inform you that your private room is now ready’.   I thank her and take note of how my boys body tenses.  I can’t help but smile.

Again I lean forward to address my submissive.

“Go collect my bag from the  locker room and make your way to room 3.  I will be there shortly and expect you to be naked and in the correct position.  I want all of your gorgeous body on show tonight”.

 His beautiful eyes meet mine, I can tell he is hesitant.  As much as he is excited his fear also shows, its the perfect reaction for a submissive entering a scene.  He knows I won’t hurt him, I have his trust and respect and in return he has mine.

I kiss him gently on his nose and tell him he can go now, he replies with ‘Yes Miss’ then leaves my side.  His body shows signs of anxiety, this is something all submissive’s experience prior to a scene.  No matter how confident a submissive they will always feel a flutter in their stomach as they enter something truly special.

 As I enter the room the sight before me stops me in my tracks, my boy is truly beautiful.  He is stood in the centre of the room, his naked body positioned perfectly.  His muscular legs are positioned shoulder width apart, his semi hard cock lulls to the side giving me a wonderful view of his smooth balls.  As I allow my eyes to wander up his body I can’t help but smile, his shallow breathing makes his flat stomach rise and fall.  His strong arms are are defined as his hands disappear behind his head and I wonder if he has remembered to lace his fingers.

His eyes are fixed on mine as I walk towards him, he watches me as I run my fingers and eyes over every inch of his body.  To him I may be simply caressing his skin but the truth is I am checking his body for anything that would cause harm when I begin impact.

His breathing relaxes as he settles, his body reacts to my touch, the hairs on his arms stand to attention.  I love his reaction to me, the way my touch makes him feel really heightens the experience.

I order him to relax, he acknowledges his understanding of my instruction by kneeling on the floor.  My bag has been placed on the table, I open it and begin to take out my equipment.  I take everything out, I don’t want him to know my plans yet so I make a point of over inspecting it all…. Just to tease his mind a little more.  The last piece of equipment I take out is my strap on, I know he loves this so I run my hand up and down its length, bringing the tip of the shaft to my lips, I kiss it gently.  His cock hardens as his blood rushes with excitement which only adds to my own.

I take him by the hand and pull him to his feet, he allows me to take his hand but uses his own strength, he may be my submissive but he is always a gent.  I lead him over to the X frame and secure his wrists using the leather cuffs provided.  I tell him how gorgeous he is, how proud I am with his obedience, his body relaxes until I speak my next words.

My boy, you have made one omission tonight, if you can tell me what it is and apologise before I punish you I will be fair, if not..it will hurt.”

His breathing quickens, I know he is trying to think of his mistake but the sudden rush of adrenaline hinders his concentration.

 Needless to say I am enjoying every second of his hesitation, I’m not angry or frustrated with him..but excited.  This mistake means I get to push his limits, exert my domination….something we will both enjoy.

My warm up flogger grabs my attention, it’s soft leather falls are perfect for preparing the body for harsher impact.  Its light wood handle fits perfectly in my hand, the scent of leather tantalises my senses as I prepare to heighten my willing victim’s senses.

I run the soft falls over his shoulders as I speak the most important words.

“What is your safe word my boy?”

“Red Miss”

”What do you say if you need a break?”

“Yellow Miss”

“And the colour to say your fine?”

“Green Miss”

“Well done my boy, that was excellent….  Are you ready?”

“Yes Miss”

“Then I shall begin” I gently kiss his shoulder then step back.  I bring my right hand up then throw the falls to land gently on his shoulders, my rhythm allows the flogger to catch each shoulder with a light thud.  I listen for his sighs of pleasure as tension is released from his body with every stroke.

I slowly move my arm down in a swooping motion, the falls teasing his back, his skin is beginning to turn a lovely shade of pink… very pleasing to the eye of any Dom/me.

My strokes change allowing the falls to wrap around his body to land on his stomach.  He jumps as the end of the falls catch his skin.  When I am sure his body is ready I put the flogger down and begin to run my hands over his back and sides.

I ask him for his colour, he replies with ‘Green Miss’ his voice is calm and gentle.  I check his skin for any breaks then press my body against his back pinning him to the cross.  A small gasp escapes his  lips as the cold leather meets his chest.  My hands trail up his arms and rest where his wrists are bound, I check the colour and temperature of his hands ensuring his blood is flowing freely.

“ You’re doing very well my boy, you’re pleasing your Miss”.

I turn to the table taking hold of my next flogger.  My black hard leather poi’s flow beautifully in my hands…always a favourite of mine.  I tuck the loops firmly over my fingers and make sure the chain that secures the loops to the falls is not twisted.

I stand away from my submissive and begin to Florentine, the noise of the falls flowing through the air is enough to make any submissive’s heart beat faster.  As I get my flow I move  closer to him.  When the falls gently kiss his skin he moans…it’s the most sensual sound I have ever heard from a man.

Before his body becomes accustomed to the leather kiss I put more force behind my swing, the hard leather no longer kisses his skin but thuds against it.  His shoulders become a deeper shade of pink as my floggers thud against him for four beats.  The sound is music to my ears, I keep the beat going adding a little more force every now and again to keep him off guard.

When I see his hands clench I stop “ My boy…What colour are you?”

He takes deep breathe  “Green Miss” I step closer and run my hand over his shoulders and upper back.

“Good boy, you are doing very well”

“Thank you Miss”   He replies.

I unfasten his hands one by one and gently  lower them to his side, I ask him to turn around, my hands never leaving his body.  I look up into his glazed eyes and smile.

“ Do you know your mistake?”  Realisation changes his eyes and he is alert once again.

“ I’m sorry Miss, I’ve no idea, I thought I had done everything right.”

I move my mouth to his ear “ Are you worried?”

He nods “ I’m so sorry…I don’t”.  My finger against his lips silences him.

“In which case, I can’t promise this wont hurt”.  My eyes become stern as I meet his gaze.

“Get onto the spanking bench….Now!!”

My hard voice makes his shoulders straighten.  He runs quickly to the bench and places his knees on the soft leather and leans his body onto the large leather panel.

I pick up my crop and slap it against my hand testing its bite.  I cover my left hand with the vampire glove and take a second to appreciate the small metal spikes which protrudes from the leather.  Placing the crop on his back I run my fingers through his hair and take a firm  grip, pulling his head up… I bend slightly.

” My boy…what is the correct stance when I walk into the room?”

He doesn’t hesitate “Naked, legs apart, hands laced behind my head Miss”.

“ Correct!, well Done.  Which part of that did you fail to do tonight?”

“Oh Fuck!”  I cup my hand and bring it down sharply on his  bottom.

“ Ow!! I’m so sorry Miss, I didn’t mean to swear!!”

“ Don’t let it happen again, I assume you that cuss means you recognised that your hands were not laced behind your head!?”

“Yes Miss, my apologies”

“What do you think is a suitable punishment?”

“Whatever you think is suitable Miss”

“I Love your answer”

 I move the vampire glove to his pink cheek and gently move the spikes over it.  His bum clenches.

“I need to think of a good punishment, bear with me”

I pick up the crop and begin to tap him with a medium pressure in between his thighs catching each one as I go until I come to the tender skin just beneath his bottom.  I bring the crop down hard on each bit of flesh, his voice breaks as he cries out in pain.  I drop the crop and move my fingers to his tender skin gently tickling him.

“ What colour are you?”

“ Green Miss”

“Good boy”

 Again I move my hand to the crop and allow it to slap his bottom, each strike leaving a sting in its place.  My gloved hand runs over is back which arches as the spikes meet sensitive areas.

He is loving every second of this…and so am I.

“ Its time for your punishment”   I reach for my wooden paddle and tap it gently on his bum…his breath catches in his throat.

“ You know what to do my boy, breathe through each strike and safe word if needs be”

“ Yes Miss, thank you Miss”

“ You are to count from 10 down to 1 and  say thank you.  Do you understand?

“Yes Miss, I unders….”

I bring the wooden paddle down to meet his skin before he has chance to finish his sentence, his loud cry echoes through the room.

“10, thank you Miss”

I quicken my pace for the next four counts landing two strikes on each cheek.

“ 9, 8, 7, 6 Thank you Miss”

 I aim the paddle so it lands harshly on both cheeks

“ 5 Miss, thank you Miss”

 I stop for a moment and run my hands over his hot red skin, he is coping very well, pride spreads through my body.

Again my paddle meets his sore bottom

“ 4, thank you Miss”

Three more strikes rain down on him, I look down to see his perfect balls swinging with each connection.

“ 3, 2, 1 Thank you miss”.

I raise my hand and bring the paddle down hard hitting both cheeks, he calls out and I swear I hear him sob.

“ That one was for good measure my boy”

“Thank you Miss”

“ What colour are you” I ask as I smooth my hand over his bottom.

“ I’m green Miss, I’m so sorry, I promise to never forget my position again”.

I bend over and place gentle kisses on his now very tender flesh.

“ I’m very proud of you, you have taken your punishment like a good submissive.”

I walk to the other side of the room and fasten my strap on to my waist then sit on the couch provided.

 “ Crawl to me my boy, show me how much you appreciate my time”.

 I watch as he dismounts from the bench and gracefully crawls over to me.  His eyes light up when he sees the large cock fastened to my body.  He kneels up in front of me waiting for my permission to begin.  I open my hand to reveal two small rubber tipped clamps.  I smile wide as realisation dawns on his face.  His small nipples are already hard from his arousal but I tweak each one then apply the clamps.  I take joy in the way his eyes widen and mouth opens as each one clamps down hard on his nipples.  Warmth pools in between my thighs, his every reaction catering to my own arousal.

I take a hand full of his hair and pull his head back so he can look me in the eyes.

“Suck my cock boy”  I demand.

 He waists no time in wrapping his beautiful lips around my rubber cock.  My hand stays firmly nestled in his hair, a constant warning that I could take control at any moment.

Soft groans emerge from his body as he devours every inch of my large shaft.  I look down to see his now very hard cock bobbing with his movements.

“Take a grip of your sexy cock, I want to watch you cum as you suck me”

He quickly takes a firm grip of his shaft and begins pumping his fist up and down, his desperation showing, he is extremely turned on.

My other hand goes to his hair as I pull him down on my length until he gags, I release him and allow him to go at his own pace.

“ mmmm you like that don’t you?! You love sucking my cock…showing me what a good submissive you are”.

His hums deepen, his hand picks up pace until his body stiffens and jerks.  A low growl  escapes his lips as I watch him spill his hot cum.  His mouth slows down as he pulls himself from my rubber cock…..his breathing slowly coming back to normal.

 “ Good boy, you please me very much”. I praise

I slowly stand and unlatch my cock, then kneeling next to him I warn him that I’m going to take off the nipple clamps.  As I take the first one off he yelps then sighs as my warm mouth covers his tender nipple, I gently suck the sting away until only a warm tingle remains.  I reach for the second clamp then allow my tongue to gently tease it as the sting reduces.

I take his hand and help him to stand, I sit down and pat the couch next to me.  I reach for the wet wipes and ask him to drink the water as I clean away the evidence of his orgasm then ask him to rest his head on my lap.  When his legs are on the couch I cover him with my blanket and allow him to snuggle up to me.

I tell him how good he was, how proud I am of him and how much he pleased me.

My hand trails over his shoulders and through his hair as he relaxes against me.  The glow of the scene and his orgasm surrounds us both and for a short period of time  we relax in silence.

I love after care, always have.  It’s a way to show a submissive how much you care for them.  They are at their most vulnerable at this time as they are either in subspace or just relaxing…knowing my boy trusts me enough to do this makes my heart melt.

“Thank you Miss”  are the first words he speaks to me.  We talk about the scene, he tells me that he loved every moment of it and has already asked if we can scene again soon.

My answer

“All in good time my boy…all in good time”.