‘ I want you to fuck me, right here, right now!!’

Holly stood over Jack dressed only in a pink baby doll and lacy thong.

Jack look up from his laptop, he could not believe what he was hearing.

‘ Holly What are you doing? Why are you dressed like that, you know I have a deadline’ 

He looked back to the screen and carried on reading his work.

‘ Jack, I need you… I want you to put the laptop down, come up stairs and screw the hell out of me’

She pushed the screen to the laptop down  and put her hands on her hips.

‘Babe give me time, ten more minutes and I’m all yours’ 

He lifted the screen back up and carried on reading.

Holly Stood in front of him bent over and playfully slapped her bottom ‘ Jack…… does my bum look big is this??’

Jack looked up to see Holly’s bottom  in front of his face, her pink thong resting teasingly against her , the lace just covering what lay beneath.  Jack hardened instantly, he loved Holly’s bum, he loved how soft her cheeks were, he loved to kiss them and he loved the noise they made when he playfully slapped them.  His dick began to throb beneath the lap top.  Holly had finally got his attention, but he was not about to give in so easily.

Holly leaned to the side and looked at Jack who had gone back to looking at his monitor.  She stood up and turned towards him,  She slid her thong down her legs and carefully stepped out of them, making sure they did not catch on her stilettos. She put her fingers in the lace and flicked them towards him.

The thong landed on the keypad of the laptop, Jack Slowly looked up to see Holly smiling at him, He was amused and aroused by her seduction techniques but he wanted to see more.  He looked down and carried on working.

Holly could not believe what she was seeing!   She turned on her heel and walked upstairs, she went to her top draw and pulled out her dildo, her body lit up as her eyes hungrily looked at the eight inch rubber shaft.  She wandered down stairs with a seductive smile on her face and once again stood in front of Jack.

‘ Fine if you wont fuck me and make me cum, I’ll do it myself.’ 

She sat on the floor and waited for Jack to react.

Jack looked up from his laptop and almost chocked at the sight which lay before him.  Holly was sat on the floor with her legs spread wide, her pussy looked so inviting as the proof of her arousal made her glisten.  His dick strained against his pants, he had to put pressure on his laptop to stop it from falling in front of him.  He rested his arm on his chair and raised an eyebrow not saying a word.

Holly’s nipples hardened against her nighty sending shivers down her body, she brought her hand up to her breast and began to seductively massage her nipple through the material.  She moaned a little as her own touch brought her pleasure.

She trailed her finger tips up her body, the silk of her babydoll felt luscious against her skin, she took her other nipple into her finger tips, and playfully teased it, her legs spreading wider as the pleasure rippled through her body.

Holly ran one hand down her body to where her pussy was now hot and wet, she flexed her hips as her finger touched her clit, it felt so good, her body ached for release.  She slid two fingers deep inside her core, making sure they were nice and wet, then began to circle her clit, with every movement her touch became more intense.  Her hips moved in rhythm to her fingers, she could feel the warmth of her excitement trickle down her bare bottom.

She ran one hand under her baby doll and began to caress her breast, she moaned a little louder, her body began to shudder under her touch.  She circled her clit a little faster, her breathing became deeper, her body tensed and she moaned as her orgasm erupted, her legs trembled as pure hot pleasure took over her body, smooth hot liquid escaped her core and flowed on to the floor.  Holly massaged her clit until she could not take it anymore.

Jack’s hard dick throbbed beneath the laptop, he could not take his eyes off her, he licked his lips as Holly brought her fingers to her mouth and gently sucked on them.

‘ I’d let you taste them, but you’re far too busy’.

Holly gave Jack a cheeky smile, she knew he was turned on, she felt so sexy knowing he was hiding his hard cock beneath the laptop.

Holly lay down on the floor, her body tingled with the remains of her orgasm. She let her head rest to the side until she noticed her dildo lying in wait.  Her pussy began to pulse, she wanted it inside her, if Jack would not let her have his dick, she would have to settle for this one.

Holly began to circle her nipple with the end of her dildo, they hardened instantly.  She brought it to her lips and teasingly kissed and licked it.  She heard Jack gasp as she took the dildo into her mouth.

Jack’s cock began to hurt, it was hot and hard and wanted to be free from any restraints, he put the laptop to one side and unzipped himself, releasing his manhood.  He ran his fingers over his long shaft and began to encircle the tip of his cock with his fingertips, his balls instantly tightened as waves of pleasure consumed him.  He stood up, let his pants fall to the floor then walked over to where Holly was lay, he knelt down next to her.

‘Holly, open your eyes, I want you to watch  me pleasure myself, I want you to see the effect you have on me’

He gripped his cock and began to run his hand up and down it.

Holly watched as Jack  fucked his hand, he looked so damned hot!! She bit her lip, as much as she wanted to feel his cock in her mouth she could not resist the opportunity to watch him make himself cum.  Jack’s strokes became faster the more he started to enjoy himself, he brought his other hand to his balls and began to tease them, he let out a little moan of pleasure.  The sight of Holly and having his hand around his cock turned him on, and he couldn’t wait to give himself release.

Holly could not wait any longer, she had to have her dildo inside her.  She placed the dildo to the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in a little. Her tight hole stretched to take in its thickness.  She pushed a little more, her pussy still wet from her last orgasm allowed the dildo to slide right in to the hilt. Holly moaned at the feel of herself around it,  She began to move the dildo in and out, it filled her so well, she moved her hips to allow for deeper penetration.

She moved her other hand from her nipple to her clit and began to massage it, her body tensed around the dildo, she quickened her rhythm, plunging the dildo deep inside herself.  She yearned for sex, but not just any type of she, she wanted it hard and fast.

Holly moved into the doggy style position and balanced the dildo on the floor.  Once again she allowed the dildo to enter her. She moved her hand in between her thighs, her fingers met her clit and instantly her body reacted.  Her moans became louder as she rode her dildo.  Her pussy was so tight around it, yet her juices made it easy for her to slide up and down.  The floor teased her nipples as they trailed along it back and forth with every thrust.  Her hips moved faster and harder as her fingers rubbed over her clit.

Jack moved slightly so his cock was near Holly’s face, he reached around to her buttocks and began to gently slap them, Holly moaned with each slap.  After every strike Jack quickly trailed his fingers over her sending a tingling sensation throughout her body.  He trailed his finger tips in between her bum cheeks until he found her tight asshole, he wet his finger and began to gently circle her, with each stroke he gently pushed his finger further into her.  The deeper he submerged his finger into her arse, the faster he ran his hand up and down his shaft, he was getting so close to erupting, the thought of Holly enjoying his hot seed was too much, he had to calm his thoughts.

Holly screamed in pleasure as she felt her orgasm approaching,  she rubbed her clit harder as she fucked the dildo, Jacks finger felt amazing, she matched her thrusts with his, her body loved the sensation and rippled in pure ecstasy.  Holly’s breath became faster and deeper, little beads of sweat trickled down her back,  her body begged for her to orgasm.

Just when Holly thought she could not ride the dildo any longer, her pussy began to burn and pulse around the rubber cock, her clit began to swell and tingle and before she knew what was happening adrenaline took over and her body went into a pulsing frenzy.  The dildo bore into her at a fast hard pace, she could feel her orgasm approaching, it was slowly coming to the surface, teasing her as it did so.

Jack removed his finger from Holly’s arse and slapped it one last time before putting the tip of his cock on her lips.

‘ I want to cum in your mouth’ .He ran his cock along Holly’s lips.

Holly obeyed and opened her mouth, Jack thrust his cock into her and let out a loud moan.  Holly instantly reacted, she wanted to feel his hot creamy goodness flow into her mouth, the thought of it sent her mind spiralling.  Her body could not take the pleasure anymore, her orgasm rushed to the surface, Holly screamed as her hot cum flowed over the rubber dick,  she put her hand back to her clit as she continued to thrust the dildo deep inside her.  Her body juddered under the pleasure,  yet she did not stop, she wanted this to last as long as she could make it do so.

Her pussy ached under the force of her thrusts, her core was so hot and wet, it wrapped around her dildo perfectly.  The tingle of her clit became so intense that she felt her body erupt yet again, her head span with the pure ecstasy, she could not take anymore.  She slowed her thrusts down, letting her body relax and began to concentrate on pleasuring Jack with her mouth.

Holly’s moans vibrated against Jacks cock, he placed a hand on the back of her head and urged her thrusts to deepen.  He could feel his orgasm building like a volcano about to erupt, each motion brought him closer to the edge.   Holly began to suck a little harder as her mouth surrounded his dick, she pleasured every inch of him.  Holly knelt up and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock ensuring that both her mouth and hand moved in perfect rhythm. Jack’s world began to spin as he felt his body begging for release, he moaned out loud, Holly tightened her grip …

‘ Holly, I’m Cumming!!!’ 

Jack braced himself using Holly’s shoulders and flung his head back.  His orgasm shook his body as his semen erupted into her mouth.  Holly savoured the taste, she swallowed his luscious juices then began to slowly run her mouth playfully around his cock, making sure she caught every last drop.

She placed her fingers in between her legs and pushed them deep into her core, covering them in the remains of her orgasm.  She moved them to Jacks lips so he could finally taste her.

‘ There you go sexy, I think you deserve a taste’.  She winked

Jack licked her fingers nipping the tips of each one.  He was about to pull Holly close for a long passionate kiss, when she quickly turned around and walked into the kitchen.

‘ Hey, where are you going???’ 

Jacked rushed after her

‘ I’m going to shower, you have work to do!!

She closed the door behind her and smiled to herself, Now that was just what I needed.

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