Claiming My Virgin:

Todays Weather Report: Mostly raining with a hint of erotic and a whole lot passion.

Whilst listening to the rain making sweet music on my window I became inspired. I pictured a little cottage surrounded by scenery which could only be described as romantic. Large trees, meadows glittered with bluebells of all colours, a babbling brook just to the back of the cottage…. sounding good so far? I certainly think so.

I pictured myself walking towards the swinging gate, through the wooden door and into the kitchen. Old in décor the kitchen was nothing short of picturesque. As one does when entering a kitchen I was drawn to the fridge, wondering what wonders would be available to satisfy my mental hunger. Just as I was reaching for the handle the sound of a female’s moans stopped me in my tracks. I followed the cries of passion to the living-room, in front of a large fire place which illuminated the scene before me lay two lovers, entwined perfectly together as they made love.

His whispers could be heard over her moans. He told her how beautiful she is, how amazing she feels…whispers which only heightened her arousal. In that moment, as their passion filled the room, as their scent filled the air… as their bodies exploded in perfect synchronicity, the newest addition to my collection of sensuous stories was born.

‘Claiming My Virgin’ will be coming soon…

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