No Love Making Involved

I just don’t get it!  Two long years I have been single and can I find the right guy…no!  I tried the whole dating thing.  Going out with men who were good guy but there was something missing, when I say missing I mean in the bedroom.  You see, these men wanted slow sensual sex.  They wanted to ‘make love’.  A friend suggested a sex site, no dating, just sex.  Sounds like it would work right?  Let me show you a conversation I had with ‘Bedroom Dom’, his name sounds promising right?

Hey Likesitrough, how are you?’  Before you say anything, yes! I wanted my handle to give everything away.

‘Hi BD, I’m good, and you?’

‘Horny’.  Straight to the point, things were looking up.

‘I can help you with that, you busy tonight?’

Yeah, I’m going to fuck you!’  Very promising

‘Good, I’m looking for a man who can fuck me hard, none of that slow sensual stuff.’

That’s my speciality!, I’m Gonna rock your world baby!’  I ignored that last part and stuck with fucking hard being his speciality.

‘Good, too many men want to worship my body, I want a man to hold me that tight that he leaves bruises’.

‘Meet me at the Limelight hotel in Hollydale at 8pm. Wear red and go to room 16, knock five times then get on your knees and await my answer’.  Yes, yes YES!!!! Finally a man who knows what I want.

I followed my orders, bought new red laced underwear and a red leather mini skirt which I pair with a red cami and black heels.  If this outfit doesn’t scream ‘fuck me now’ then I don’t know what will.

I went to the room, knocked five times and got on my knees, It was time to get fucked.  He opened the door in black pants, white shirt and black tie…fucking sexy!

He tells me to stay still, he pulls his hard cock from his pants and orders me to suck him right there in the corridor of the hotel.  I was so wet, this was the hottest thing that I had ever done.  I wrapped my lips around his shaft and moved my lips to the base of his throbbing cock, he moaned, a noise that sent lightning straight to my clit  This was what I wanted, what I needed!!

He put his hands in my hair and began to fuck my mouth, his grip was tight, it stung a little which only spurred me on, I raised my tongue making my mouth tighter for him, I could feel him shuddering, his body tightened.  He declared that he was going to cum, he held my face as he shot his load down my throat.  I drank him in. I had showed him what I could do and now it was time for him to ‘rock my world’.

He pulled me to my feet and walked me to the foot of the bed.  He was rough as he took my clothes off, I was that turned on that I could feel my own juices start to run down my leg.  My clothing lay piled at my feet, he kept his own on which I didn’t mind.  His cock stood hard and proud once again, the light catching his pre-cum making the end of his cock glisten.

He pushes me on the bed and I prepare myself, my body is aching for his cock.  My nipples are that hard and sensitive that they become painful.  He slides between my legs, I can feel his cock at my pussy, with one hard thrust every inch of him is inside me, I wrap my legs around him and grind my hips against him.  I wait for my fucking……..then he kisses me.  His kiss is gentle, slow and sensual. Instantly my body turns off.  His cock slides in and out of me gently, I have to fake my enjoyment.

As soon as he cums I make my excuses and leave.   Disappointing right!?  So here I am, two weeks later, sat in a bar whilst feeling sorry for myself.   I look to Tash who is sat with me.

‘Halie, buy a dildo!  She laughs

‘I have five and none of them satisfy me, I’m doomed Tash…ddoooommeedddd’.

Tash laughs and raises from her seat. ‘Toilet time, be back in a mo’.

I look into my drink and sigh, maybe it’s me right?

‘Hiya gorgeous’. A deep voice startles me.  I look over my shoulder to the right to see a man stood over me.  His dark eyes burn into mine.  I look him up and down, he must be a biker of some kind because he is mostly wearing leather.

‘I overheard your predicament and I have a solution’.  He took my hand and pulled me up, my body hit his and instantly warmed.  This was a dangerous man who was always in control and omg I was really turned on’.

He leads me to an alley way behind the bar.  When we are away from prying eyes his strong hands slam my shoulders against t the wall.  My breath escapes me for a moment.

‘Princess, I don’t do slow and sensual, I’m going to fuck you hard, I’m going to pull your hair, wrap my hands around your throat and you’re going to love every fucking minute of it!!’

He forces my hands over my head and holds them tightly with one hand whilst his other pulls a knife from his pocket, he places its cold tip at the neck of my shirt and slides it down.  Hearing the material tearing under the blade makes my skin tingle, as it reaches the band of my bra he uses more force to tear the material in two.

My breasts are freed, he takes my nipple into his mouth and squeezes my breast, his teeth scrape against my sensitive skin.  I arch my back trying to urge him on but he only tightens his grip. The pain makes me squeak but I love it! I love the control, love the pain and fucking love what he is doing.

‘Leave your hands there!’ He orders.

His hand trails down my arm, he takes a tight grip on my hair as his other hand moves to my skirt.  He moves my thong to the side.  For a split second I wonder where the knife is but the thought is disrupted by his fingers on my clit.

‘Fuck you’re so wet for me.’ He growls into my ear

How can I not be, this is hot!  His rough fingers circle my clit, his touch is merciless as if begging to be soaked in my juices.  I feel his hand tighten in my hair as he pulls my head to the side, his lips crash down on mine.  His kiss is hard, his tongue relentless.  He bites down on my lip and I whimper, my head is spinning and I wonder how much more I can take.

He moves his mouth to my ear ‘Come for me now!’ he demands.  His control over my body surprises me, my hips begin to move, grinding my pussy against his fingers, my body heats and tightens.  I feel his knee between my legs as if he can sense my body is weak.  He presses his fingers harder against my clit sending me over the edge.  I cry out, my head bangs against the wall as my body convulses against him.  His fingers move from my clit, he slides them into my hot, wet pussy and begins to fuck me, milking the juices from my body.

‘Come on princess, I know you have another one waiting for me’.  I feel his knuckles bouncing against my lips as his fingers slam in and out of me.  His hand moves to my throat and tightens, I can breathe but only just, the movement burns me to my core and I begin to orgasm once again.  I cry out as the moment takes me away, his fingers against my g-spot pulsate and I feel the result of my orgasm trickle down my leg.

‘Fuck. I love a squirter!’ he growls.

He spins me around ‘Hands on the wall, now!’  I brace myself as I listen to his zipper being moved.  I feel the tip of his cock against my entrance and god he feels huge.

‘Still want me to fuck you princess?’

‘Yes, yes fuck me, now!’

His cock enters me hard, I feel my pussy stretch around him.  His pussy covered fingers enter my mouth, ‘Suck me whilst I fuck you’.

I do as I’m told, I suck my juices off his fingers as his cock slams into me over and over again. 

His hands move to my hips, his grip is harsh…tight and I know there will be bruises in the morning.  He uses my body as leverage as his thrusts become faster and harder.  My pussy tightens around him.

‘Oh fuck, I’m coming…fuck me harder!, please!’  My hands slips from the wall, I brace them around my ankles allowing his cock in deeper.  His pace changes to long hard thrusts, His cock feels like it’s going to break me but my pussy is loving it.  I cum…hard, screaming out loud as I do.  I hear him groan behind me, with one last hard thrust his hot cum coats my tender core.

He slaps my arse hard as he pulls out of me, I yelp as my bare bottom stings then warms.

I stand up and turn around, he is watching me closely. 

‘You are extremely fuckable princess.  Make sure you’re here this time next week, that sweet ass of yours was winking at me whilst I was fucking you and I want to sink my dick into it’.

With that he walked off and left me in the alley way.

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