On His Terms

“Megan, scene with us?”  Stuart sat across the table looking at her, his eyes full of promise

“Excuse me?” 

“You heard him Meg, scene with us!  We want a third, we want to top you then fuck you.”  The smile on Ashley’s face said it all.

“What? I mean…huh?” I wrapped my arms around myself.

“It’s been a while for you, we both know how much you want to scene, so, we would like you to join us for one night, no strings.”

“Seriously, I’ve been friends with you two for ages! Would it not spoil our friendship?”  It was a serious question but Ash’s scrunched up face gave me the answer.  She whispered something into Stuart’s ear then jumped up off the couch.

Stuart smiled as his eyes locked with mine “We will be in room three, get your sexy arse in there in five minutes.” Just before he walked away his face turned serious “Is your safe word still Juniper?”


“Make sure you use it if needs be, full protocol Megan!” He turned and walked away.

Meg sat for a moment, what had just happened? One moment they were having a laugh then ‘Hey I want to beat and fuck you’.  She nibbled on her lip as she processed the invitation. They had been friends for a while, they both knew her limits…… fuck it!  She stood up, straightened her clothing then made her way to room three.

As Megan walked inside she noted the way in which Stuart stood next to the cross with Ashley knelt at his feet.

As she stood in the centre of the room Ashley closed the door behind them and went to Megan’s side.

“Ashley, strip Megan of her clothing.” Stuart’s voice was now stern and in ‘Dom’ mode as Ash would say.

“As you wish Master.”  Ashley smiled and winked at Megan before getting to work on taking her shirt off.

With every button she unfastened Ashley kissed Megan gently on the lips, as the shirt fell to the floor Ashley pulled Megan toward her, her lips crashing down onto hers.  Megan ran her hands over Ashley’s shoulders but she stood back and shook her head.

“No touching!”  The statement shocked her for a moment but she did as ordered.

Ashley stood close to her once again, reaching around her back she unclasped her bra allowing it to fall to the floor. 

“Hasn’t our subbie got beautiful breasts Master?” 

“She certainly has Ashley, why don’t you show her how much you like them.”  Stuart stood behind Megan, he held her hands behind her back allowing her spine to arch. 

Ashley’s smile beamed “Of course Master”.  She licked her lips, Megan’s nipples stiffened as Ashley walked towards her. 

As soon as Ashley’s tongue touched her nipple Megan’s breath caught, she tried to lift her arms to Ashley’s head to pull her closer but Stuart still had them trapped in his tight grip.

“Stay still sprite!” His teeth scraped her shoulder sending sparks of pleasure throughout her body.

Megan held Ashley’s breasts in her hands and gently sucked her right nipple into her mouth, flicking it with the tip of her tongue.  With every flick Megan jumped, she could feel heat pooling between her thighs.  She wanted to touch them both, to kiss them, to be let loose but all she could do was stand still and enjoy.

Stuart’s eyes were fixed on Megan’s amazing mouth working its magic, he couldn’t wait to see her reaction when he ordered her to make Megan cum.  His cock was pressing firmly against his jeans, watching two women together was a dream come true!

Ashley trailed kisses along her cleavage until her lips met her left nipple, her teeth connected with the tender flesh before she began to caress it with her tongue.  Megan couldn’t help but moan out loud, having Ashley stimulating her breasts whilst Stuart kept her captive really turned her on.

Ashley unbuttoned Megan’s jeans and helped her out of them, wearing no underwear was a bonus as there was now no part of her that was covered, her beautiful body was on display for them both.

Stuart ordered Megan to the St Andrews cross where he tied her with hemp rope, its scent and texture on her skin tantalised her senses sending her mind whirling with desire.  Once her arms and legs were bound to the frame she was spread wide for them, they could do anything they liked to her.  This was going to be fun.

“Ashley, put your mouth around her pussy and lick her, do not allow her to orgasm…if she does you will both be punished.” Both women looked at each other, this was a challenge which they accepted.

Whilst Stuart walked over to his table of implements, Ashley knelt down in front of Megan, she leant forward until her lips were touching Megan’s labia, she inhaled her deeply, her mouth began to water, she had wanted this for so long and now finally she was going to taste her.  She trailed her tongue gently from her opening to her clit, Megan tried to jump but her restraints stopped her from doing so.

Stuart stood in front of the women, his eyes darting in between watching Ashley lick Megan’s beautiful pussy to watching the reactions on Megan’s face.  His cock was now painfully hard but it was not time for him to get his release, he wanted to toy with the ladies first.

Ashley massaged her tongue over Megan’s little bundle of nerves, every moan she made only urged her on, she could feel her juices on her chin, her scent surrounded her, she couldn’t wait to make her cum… to drink her juices.

Stuart produced a long wooden cane from behind his back. “Megan, I know how much you like the cane, I’m going to leave pretty bruises on those beautiful tits of yours.”

Megan gasped, she had never had her breasts caned before…especially from cold, usually she has a warm up…worked up to the cane but now.  He hesitated for a moment but soon got lost in a haze of need when Ashley began to suck on her clit.

Stuart began to lightly tap her breasts with the cane, it wasn’t so bad. She could cope with that.  She could feel her body begin to glow, she concentrated on keeping her breathing even. She couldn’t orgasm, the feeling was there but she could control it. She had to.  A sharp smack from the cane on her nipples sent her body zinging, her orgasm threatened to erupt… she tensed her body.  Ashley felt her tense and removed her tongue.

“Pet, don’t stop. Keep going, you do not remove your mouth from her pussy until I say so do you understand?”  Ashley nodded and continued to caress Megan’s pussy with her mouth.

Stuart began to cane Megan’s breasts once more, this time adding more power, her once milky white skin was now pink. With every strike he could feel his own need growing.  The ladies moans were like music to his ears, their pleasure was his and his theirs.

With five strong strikes to her nipples Megan was now soaring, her sore nipples stung which only made Ashley’s licks more intense.  Every time Ashley moaned the vibrations went straight to her core, she couldn’t hold on much longer… she needed release.

“Please Stuart, I’m so close, I need to cum…please.”

“Stuart stopped his assault on her breasts. “Did you just speak without permission???  Pet, stop! Lay on your back now.”

Ashley stopped pleasuring Megan and lay on her back.  Stuart lay in between her legs and parted her labia “This is what you get for speaking without asking.”  His mouth went straight to Ashley’s pussy, his tongue lapping at her clit.  All Megan could do was watch, why did she have to speak????

Ashley’s moans became louder, his skilled mouth bringing her to the edge as Megan helplessly watched.  He placed two fingers deep within her and began to thrust them in and out, he sucked her clit into his mouth and ran his tongue backwards and forward over the swollen nub.  Ashley threw her head back, her body tensed as her orgasm surfaced. Her hands went to Stuart’s head and she tried to hold him against her whilst she came.

Megan couldn’t stop watching, she was more aroused than she had ever been, her own juices trickled down her thighs she wanted to be the one that came. She couldn’t wait much longer.

Once Ashley’ orgasm had dissipated Stuart rose “Pet, get back to licking her…Do NOT allow her to cum until I say.”

Breathlessly Megan replied. “Yes Master”

As Ashley knelt in front of Megan once more, Stuart stood behind her, he lowered the zip on his jeans and allowed his throbbing cock to be free of its confines.  He stood there and stoked himself “Megan, do you like that you see?”  Megan nodded.  She was lost in a wave of ecstasy, Ashley’s mouth teased her, her tongue penetrated her deeply whilst her nose teased her clit…they were both in heaven.

Stuart knelt behind Ashley and lifted her hips, “I’m going to fuck you Pet, I want you to fuck her with your fingers whilst you lick her. Do it. Now!”  As Ashley thrust two fingers deep inside Megan’s pussy, Stuart speared Ashley with his cock in one motion.  He didn’t waste any time, he pounded into Ashley making her moan around Megan’s clit.  Both woman were moaning loudly now.

Stuart gripped onto Ashley’s hips, helping to steady her whilst he fucked her hard.  Megan watched the scene before her, she couldn’t hold on for much longer, watching her friend being fucked in front of her sent her body over the edge, she struggled to hold on, her body burned, her clit throbbed.  She wanted to beg Ashley to stop but the faster and harder Stuart thrust into her the louder Ashley became, the harder her tongue lashed at her clit.  She could feel tears dripping down her face as her orgasm surfaced.

“Cum Now!” Stuart demanded. With one final lick Megan crumbled into a million pieces, she threw her head back and screamed.  Ashley was not far behind her, all three of them had climaxed in unison. 

Megan did not know how long her orgasm had lasted, she remembered being on the cross, she closed her eyes for just one second but then woke to find herself lay on a bed in a different room, Ashley was besides her cuddled up to her side and Stuart sat in a chair at the side of the bed.

“Did you enjoy that Megan?” He asked, a slow smile appearing on his face.

“Yes, I really did…thank you!”  Ashley closed her eyes once more and drifted off to sleep.