TEASER Sex scene from ‘The Fallen’.. Coming Soon

“ Baby, I’m gonna fuck you like I hate you and you’re gonna love it.

Those words alone made her go weak at the knees, he was primal….a force to be reckoned with.  He knew how to please her, how to make her pussy pulse, how to make her scream and leave her body aching.

He took a hand full of her hair forcefully bringing her mouth to his, his soft lips dominated hers.  This was no time for being gentle, he wanted her to know just how much fuck with her senses.  His velvet tongue forced its way into her mouth enticing hers into a dance between lovers.  A moan escaped her throat, she had never been kissed this way, if his tongue could make her clit tingle then she could only imagine how she would feel when it met other parts of her body.

“Stay still, do not move unless I tell you to.  If you move, you will be punished.” His hard tone made her heart skip a beat, what the hell? Punished?

He lifted her arms above her head, “lace your fingers over your head, I want you to submit to me without binds.  Do as you are told and you will be rewarded.”  Darcie’s brows furled….”rewarded??”

His eyes met hers, their usual softness replaced with raw primal lust.  She watched as his hand went to his pocket, she had no idea what the implement was until he flicked out the blade, the sound of metal being released from its confines brushed the silence sending shivers down her spine.  The soft rays from the candle light fluttered round the blade making it seem almost poetic, she didn’t flinch… she stood her ground.

Max placed his large hand around her slender throat applying just enough pressure to make her eyes widen “Good girl my Beauty” he whispered into her ear “ You’re pleasing me.”  His words made her relax, she moved her hands down to his neck intending for her lips to meet his.  Her head jerked back pulling her from her comfort zone, the sharp sting causing her to suck in her breath.  Before her thoughts could comprehend what was happening he turned her around and bent her over, one hand resting on the small of her back as he pulled her underwear down to her knees. He trailed his fingertips around her beautiful globes then brought his hand down forcefully inflicting two hard slaps onto each cheek.  Each infliction made her cry out, the initial sting slowly reducing to a tingling heat which spread throughout her body…. Her head buzzed, how could she be so turned on?

Max turned her around, her sensitive body pressing against his leather pants and bare chest, he trailed his hands down her back allowing them to rest on her now tender flesh.  “ This is what happens when you disobey an order my girl.” His rough hands gripped her cheeks, a rush of pain making her body tense.  As soon as her mouth opened he forcefully kissed her, capturing her escaping moan.  “Let’s try this again shall we?”

Max placed her arms over her head once again, his hand reaching for his blade.  He brought the blade to her neck and gently allowed its tip to cress her skin. “The last time you had a blade at your neck you felt nothing but fear, I’m going to show you a way it can bring you pleasure.”  Darcie began to tremble, her fear from that night still played heavily on her mind… for a moment she wanted to run… but then she looked into his eyes.  This was Max…….her man…. She was safe.

He trailed the blade to the neck of her vest top, taking a fist full of material he sliced it down the middle, Darcie held her breath…. Her fear now replaced with excitement.  He cut her shoulder straps and allowed the material to fall to the floor.  Max took a step back to admire her breasts “ Fuck,  your tits are amazingᴉ”  Darcie’s eyes lowered to the bandage lacing her cleavage, she knew what was beneath it, she knew it was ugly.  Her eyes lowered to the floor, she felt ashamed.

Max placed a finger under her chin lifting her eyes to meet his. “ When I look at your scar I see strength, a fighter, I see a beautiful women who is a survivor.  I love that scar, without it I would never have held you in my arms, never felt your fuckin hot lips on mine or had your cum on my tongue.  I also see fuckin amazing tits which makes my cock ache.”  His eye brows wiggled playfully. 

A small laugh escaped Darcie’s lips “Thank you Max”

He kissed the tip of her nose.  “If I have to remind you of this again I will redden your ass.”

Max traced the blade down her hip allowing its edge to cut through the elastic of her underwear, he gathered the material in his fist and sliced through the other side then discarded the ruined piece of cotton.  “Any underwear you have on will meet the same demise, you are forbidden to wear it.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Max, I understand” She pressed her thighs together, enjoying the sensation of her throbbing clit.

He pushed her up against the wall forcing his thigh in between hers “Ride my thigh, I want to feel your heat on my leg”.  He leaned in, his lips inches from her ear.  He growled the words “Don’t fuckin cum”.  Darcie began to rock her hips, her sensitive nub rubbing against his leathers, she leaned her head against the wall behind her, her eyes closing as low moans expressed her pleasure.

Again Max’s hand went to his pocket pulling from them two small clamps each with rubber tips.  He took one nipple between his fingers rolling them gently at first, when Darcie relaxed into her rhythm he pressed down hard pinching her sensitive peak.  Her eyes flew open making Max smile, he loved seeing her in this position…her submission was his undoing.  He clasped the clamp on her nipple, her vocal shock making his cock twitch, he smiled flicking the clamp taking in her facial expressions, he could read her emotions, she kept nothing back from him.

“You stopped rocking girl” his hard eyes met hers

“ s..sorry Max, I’m so close…I don’t want to come without your permission” her eyes pleading with him.

“ The don’t cum….. keep riding my thigh” his demand was clear.

He took her other nipple in between his fingers, lifting it slightly so he could meet it half way, he gently sucked, running his tongue over the tip..his movements were gentle. He waited until Darcie became more relaxed before he nipped the tip with his teeth.  Darcie squeaked then shuddered, he placed the clamp on her nipple and secured it in place.  He stepped back admiring his work, he noticed Darcie pout from the lack on contact.  His powerful hand went to her neck forcing her to straighten up against the wall “ Pouting means your complaining my girl, I don’t like complaining” His hard voice held no warmth.

“ I’m sorry, I was enjoying your leg….then you took it away and…. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pout” her voice held such remorse than his heart couldn’t help but melt.

“You want to cum so bad that you would disrespect me?” he added a playful tone to his voice.

“no..not at all” Darcie stopped, she assessed his face, he was playing her…..teasing her…well, two could play that game “ I wanted to feel your hot, hard thigh in between my legs so much Max, I want to please you, I want my juices to run down your leg so you can see how hot and horny you make me”  She fluttered her eyelashes.

A low growl escaped Max’s throat, he gripped her throat tighter whilst moving his hand to her wet pussy, he found her engorged clit and began to rub against it, his fingers sliding easily over her.  Darcie’s moans became louder, she braced her hands on the wall behind her as his powerful hands brought her orgasm screaming to the surface.  He moved in closer to her, taking her weight he carried her over to the bed and sat down.  When she tried to snuggle into him he stopped her, placed her feet on the floor to the side of him and her hands on his knee.

“My girl, what did you do wrong?” Her head shot up, shock consumed her face.

“I didn’t ask you if I could orgasm” she lowered her head again.  She felt his hand slap against her bottom, each time causing her back to arch and her pussy to ache.

Max laid her down on the bed and ordered her to keep hold of the headboard. “ I’m going to fuck your pussy with my mouth, I’ve been waiting so long to taste you, I can’t wait to feel your clit on my tongue.”  He pushed each leg to the side spreading her thighs as wide as he could and settled in between her legs. “Fuck you have such a beautiful pussy”.  He traced his tongue over her wet folds taking each one in his mouth, she tasted so sweet…… so perfect.  He used his fingers to spread her, her clit becoming more visible, he flicked his tongue over her sensitive nub loving the way she jumped.  He looked to Darcie, her breasts jiggled as her body shuddered, the clamps catching the candlelight.  He couldn’t contain himself anymore, he growled as he plunged his tongue deep into her entrance, lapping at her juices…bringing them up to her clit as he devoured what was his.  He teased her clit…his tongue moving from side to side, applying pressure and changing direction depending on how much she moaned.  He drove two fingers deep inside her, forming a C he found her G spot and began to tease it.  Darcie’s moans became louder, her body began to shudder as her orgasm made its way to the surface.  He sucked on her clit rubbing his tongue over the sensitive ball of nerves until he felt her pussy muscles clenching his fingers.  His fingers fucked her harder…feeling her going over the edge he waited for those four wonderful words…..

“ Max…oh my god Max……..p……please may I cum”

His response was enough to send her over the edge “ Yes my girl, cum……NOWᴉ”

His mouth covered her clit as her sweet cream flowed over his fingers .  He moved one hand to her soft belly to hold her down, he wanted her to stay in place as his tongue worked on taking every last bit of pleasure form her.

Darcie lay still on the bed, her head became floaty as the orgasmic glow surrounded her.  Max crawled his way up her body being careful not to hurt her, he held himself over her chest then moved his legs to straddle her waist.  She looked to beautiful, her hazy eyes meeting his, she smiled so sweetly.. almost in a dream like state.

“ Oh Max, that was…….amazing” she closed her eyes snuggling her head into the pillow.

“ I’m not finished with you yet my girl, time for me to make good on my word, I’m going to fuck you so hard your pussy will be aching for a week” He moved his fingers back to her pussy covering them with her sweet juices.

“ I don’t think I can Max, I’m so tired” her sleepy voice exclaimed

“ Oh don’t worry Beauty, I have my ways of waking you up”  He moved his moist fingers to her clamped nipples being sure to cover the tips in her juices.  “Take a deep breath baby”  Without warning to unclasped one of the clamps.

“ OWWWWWWWWᴉ Darcie squealed as the blood began to flow into her sensitive nipple. Max laughed deep in his throat as he covered her nipple with his mouth in an attempt to sooth the ache.   He moved his mouth to her other nipple, enjoyment twinkling in his eyes. “Are you ready?”  He smiled, loving the panic which covered her face, without waiting for an answer he unclasped the clamp quickly replacing it with his mouth.  His warm mouth and gentle tongue soothed the sting until it was nothing but a dull ache which brought her body back to life.

Darcie watched as Max stood next to the bed, his leather pants straining at the zip as his hard cock begged for its release.  He watched as Darcie’s hungry eyes gazed upon his zip, he slowly unzipped his confines and pushed them down to his knees. As he stood Darcie couldn’t help but stare, his hard length stood to attention, she licked her lips…she wanted to taste him.  He took his hard cock in his hand and walked towards the bed, he was now inches from her face… she could see the tip glistening with pre cum, she reached her tongue out trying to taste him but he moved away and began to pump his cock with his hand.  Darcie watched as his muscles flexed with each movement, he really was the sexist man she had ever seen.

“Tell me you want my cock inside you Beauty, beg me to fuck you pussy hard”

Darcie got to her knees, she turned round and backed herself up to the edge of the bed, she wiggled her pink cheeks towards him. “Please Max, I need you to fill me, I need you to fuck me… I need you to own me”

Max couldn’t hold out any longer, He placed the tip of his cock at her entrance, he slapped her arse hard them slammed his cock into her heat.  Darcie moaned, her head flew back inviting Max to take hold of her raven hair and use it for leverage.  He pumped his cock into her hard and fast, every thrust brought his balls deep to her.  He let go of her hair allowing her head to fall forward, his hands trailed down her back and gripped hold of her hips, he held her tight as he thrust into her over and over again.  He let go of her hips and brought both of his hands down on her fleshy cheeks, Darcie squealed…music to his ears.  His cock loved her pussy, he stretched her perfectly, he loved how tight she was…how wet she was…how fucking perfect she was.

He moved his hand beneath her belly and down towards her clit, she shrieked instantly… her body convulsing with every stroke.  It didn’t take long before her pussy began to throb around his length, he took her clit in between his fingers and pinched taking Darcie over the edge, she screamed out his name as she came, her body vibrating beneath him.  She rested her chest on the bed, her breathing slowing as the remnants of her orgasm left her body.  Max trailed his hands to her shoulders and slowed his pace, he leaned forward kissing her back giving her time to catch her breath.    The more his kissed her the rougher his kisses became until be replaced his lips with his teeth, he bit down on her back, his primal side marking her as his.  He used her shoulders to pull her towards him as he thrust his cock deep into her slickness.  His hips set into a hard rhythm as he chased his own release, Darcie’s moans of pleasure spurred him on… he felt his cock tingle as his orgasm began to surge…. He pounded his cock into her sweet pussy until he could take it no longer…. His body tensed as he ejaculated his hot cream into her aching core.  He stayed in place for a moment watching Darcie breathe, her body glowed…especially her arse cheeks.

Max removed himself from her and went into the bathroom, he cleaned himself up and brought her a warm cloth, he placed it between her legs and began to gently cleanse her.  After discarding the cloth he got into the bed pulling her back to his chest as he did.  He loved the way she felt in his arms.

“Are you ok baby?”

Darcie snuggled into him “That was amazing….. you fuck like a god”

Chuckling at her drowsy tone he kissed her shoulder. “Get some sleep my beauty, I plan on waking you up in a couple of hours for round 2………..”

As Darcie dozed, she couldn’t quite make out the rest of his sentence but she could have sworn he said he would introduce her to a Doxy…….

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