Taken By The Beast

I begin to pick up my pace, although only minutes have passed it feels like I have been running for hours.  My face stings – branches reach out their thin sharp twigs to catch me but they only scratch me in their failed attempts, my skin burns from their wicked caress. It feels like I have hundreds of slices all over my body but I keep running, hoping that I can hide or escape or that whatever is chasing me will tire and find other prey.

Through tear drenched eyes I desperately seek out a hiding place, somewhere safe to escape, somewhere to curl up and pretend this scenario is not happening. My heart hammers in my chest, at times I feel it skip a beat which only adds more panic to my anxious state.  I keep telling myself it will be ok, everything will be fine. However, in the near distance a loud howl only confirms my fears. I will not survive the night.

I come to a standstill and listen, trying to slow my breathing in an attempt to hear which direction the howl came from. If I can identify that, then I can run the opposite way. I squint, trying to focus my eyes as I begin to walk slowly, straining for any clue which could help me to evade capture.

I hear a twig snap and turn around as quickly as I can, but a fallen branch catches me off guard and I fall to the floor. I frantically turn my body around, adrenaline hits me and I begin to scramble from the floor, grabbing at anything I can to help pull me from the dirt and leaves below.

Something hits my back, I crash back down and turn to see something large in front of me. It’s dark so I can’t make out details but on its hind legs it towers over me, my eyes slowly drift over its muscular form, its dark fur moving with the breeze which carries the scent of death.

When I meet its red eyes, I gasp and move back until I hit a tree. The creature in front of me snarls as it moves forward, it knows it’s got me. There is nowhere for me to run.  Its long muzzle moves towards my face, inhaling my scent – it growls.

I try to comprehend what’s happening. I try to scream but fright has its grasp around my mind and all I can say comes as a whisper ‘Werewolf. As if acknowledging my words, the beast grasps my neck with its long claws and lifts me, pressing me against the tree. As my feet fight to stay on the ground my hands scramble for its fur, trying to hurt it but I fail, I am no match for the beast in front of me.

I watch as the beast slashes at my chest, my torn clothing falling from my body. It looks down at my breasts as it licks its canines. I try to scream ‘NNOOO!!’ but only a strained croak escapes my dry lips. Its large mouth opens, hot breath warming my cold skin. A sharp pain causes me to struggle but I am still pinned to the tree, not only by its claws but also its teeth devouring my breast. Droplets of warm liquid drip onto my belly, I know it’s my blood but I am powerless to do anything about it. All I can do is submit to it and hope, pray I can survive.

The searing pain in my breast begins to reduce as its fangs leave my body, my blood stains its teeth, the smell of blood making my mind whirl. A low growl erupts from the beast, it takes my hair in its claw and roughly turns me around, forcefully pushes me into the tree, I wrap my hands around it trying to stay grounded, trying to find some comfort to keep me sane.

The wolf grabs at my running shorts shredding and ripping them from my body, its claws catch my skin making me whimper. I mentally beg for the pain to stop, for the hurt to end. His powerful leg forces mine open, I’m now more vulnerable than I was before. I feel something in between my legs, I start to panic trying to think about what it could be when a large object impales me. His fur rubs against my skin as he places his large arms around mine, pinning me more securely. With every thrust I scream out. He stretches me, filling me, dominating my body, mind and soul.

His low growl warns me to stay as he quickens his pace, my body becomes alive as my mind regains focus. He is fucking me, raping me. Owning me.

His large cock makes my pussy clench, I can feel the friction reducing, my body reacting to his powerful thrusts, becoming aroused as he forcefully takes me. His large claw wraps around my neck pulling me closer, his hips bang against my bare skin as I take every inch of him. My body begins to tense around him. I gasp, his large cock hitting all the right places. My orgasm erupts making my pussy clench around him. His breathing quickens, each breath bringing with it a low growl.

I try to push away from the tree but his grip around my neck only tightens. His teeth scrape against my shoulder. I brace myself as his teeth once again bite down into my tender flesh. I can feel my blood being sucked from my body, his every movement makes my skin burn and my pussy pulse. He removes his fangs and cock from my body, taking my hair in his hands. He pulls me away from the tree and pushes me to the floor, I try to get away but he catches me, he pins me on all fours and spreads my legs

I feel him behind me again as he places the head of his cock at my entrance and stills. His large claws scrape along my back as if assessing how deep he could cut me without tearing my organs from my body. With one long swoop, I feel his nails slice through my skin, my head rears up as I scream but this only feeds his excitement, as he plunges his large cock deep within me. His tongue begins to lap at the blood escaping my wounds. I shout for him to stop but he only moves his claws to my hips, clutching them, his sharp nails digging into my skin.

His thrusts come hard and fast, I can feel him toying with my pussy, pulling his cock from my body then driving it forcefully back in. Every other stroke is harder than the last. My body doesn’t seem to comprehend the threat as my clit begins to tingle, my toes curl, my breathing quickens as I begin to cum. I cry out but not in pain, in pleasure. I feel my nipples tighten, they rub against the earth making my orgasm heighten. My body convulses below him as the orgasm over takes me, it tears me apart before I can no longer contain it. I scream, his cock becomes slick inside me as my juices coat him. I try to keep still, but every muscle in my body feels like it’s on fire. My pussy pulses around him, over and over again I feel him fighting to gain entry as I become tighter around him.

As my orgasm subsides, my arms fold and I fall to the floor. His claws on my hips are the only thing keeping me from laying on the ground. I feel his cock grow and throb inside me, his body stiffens as he takes his final strokes, his hot cum trickles down my legs as his pace slows.

His snout rests against my back, I feel him licking my wounds as dizziness over takes me. I try to lift my head, to move my body but I am too weak. As he lets go of my hips. my body falls to the side. I try to open my eyes but they are too heavy. I feel the darkness take me over as I succumb to sleep, my last thought being if I would ever wake up.

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