A Masters Gift

“I have a surprise for you tonight my dear.”  His velvet tone never fails to make my heart melt.

“Oh! Are we going out?” My voice is hopeful

“Not that type of surprise.”  My breath catches


“Be home by seven…”

“Yes Master.”  I know by his words that the scene has begun, it’s time for my inner submissive to get excited…or worried.

It’s 6.55pm and I’m stood outside my own front door reluctant to open it.  My thoughts are screaming ‘what’s going to happen? What’s waiting for me?  What has my Master got planned?’  Shut Up thoughts!!! Just go in, smile and…well…do my duty.

I open the door to find him standing in the hallway.  He is in his grey suit… his Master suit.  I kneel on the floor and bow my head, this shows my understanding of our roles and respect to my Master.

“Girl!”  His eyes twinkle.

“Yes my Master?”

“Take your clothes off and enter the dining room, I will be waiting for you.”  With that he walked out of the room stopping just before he closed door… “Don’t make me wait!”

I strip as quickly as I can, throwing my clothing onto the floor. My heart starts to beat faster as I near the door to the dining room.  I can hear the muffled sound of voices but as I turn the handle to enter the voices quieten.  I open the door and enter.

The dining table has been pushed to the middle of the room, chairs line one wall.. six chairs for six naked men who all have their eyes on me, already their cocks are beginning to stiffen.

I’m gawping at them, seven men including my Master.  I don’t know what to do so I submit, again I lower myself to my knees and await my orders.

“She is good!” I hear one of them say.

I can feel my Master as he comes to my side, his warm hand touches my shoulder. “Look up my girl, these are the men you will be pleasing tonight.”

I look around, the six men smile at me.

“What colour are you?”

That simple question holds so much meaning. “Green Master.”  I know now that he may be in charge but I can stop this at any time.

“Lay down on the table, legs and mouth both open.”

I do as I am told, the walk to the table lasts seconds but feels like hours.  I feel my nipples tighten and warmth pool between my legs, my mind may be working over time but my body is ready to please.

Once on the table I take a deep breath, I slowly open my legs and for a second feel embarrassment from the moisture which I feel trickle down my cheek.

Once my mouth is open I hear my Masters voice “Sir’s, this is my girl, my submissive and my life.  I offer her to you so you may feel her tight pussy around your cocks and her luscious lips on your balls.  Treat her with respect and she is yours, if she calls red you stop immediately.”

I feel hands on my body, touching..pinching…stroking.  Two hands move my arms to hang over my head and I instantly feel a hard cock, I wrap my hand around as much as I can and begin to pump the shaft.

Hot lips touch my nipples, fingers stroke my pussy and I no longer try to figure out who is touching me.  I simply lay back and enjoy.

The cock in my hand begins to thrust and the time for gentle stroking has ended. Warm fingers pinch my nipples and I shriek, my back arches as he begins to twist.  My sensitive nipples send waves of pleasure around my body making my back arch which opens my legs further.

A moist tongue licks my thigh and then I feel nothing, I move my hips slightly silently begging for more.  My head is moved to the side and I feel the tip of a hot cock at my lips, I open my mouth wider preparing to taste, suck and tease……

“ohhhh my god!” Those words escape my lips before I can control myself.  The mouth at my pussy took me by surprise, his tongue swirls around my clit sending sparks of pleasure throughout my body.  Strong hands grip at my breasts, lips kiss my body, teeth nip at my tender skin and the hard cock thrusts in my hand…. all as an amazing tongue laps at my sensitive bud. 

I feel the hard shaft at my lips once again, this time he pushes in.  Inch by inch his large cock enters my mouth and I momentarily panic that I will choke, just as I think that I can’t possible take any more he pulls out, then in again.  I push my tongue up caressing him as he fucks my face.

My body is in overload, so many sensations are filling my body and mind.  I feel my orgasm begin to build, a fleeting thought passes my mind… how can I cum and not graze the cock with my teeth or squeeze the dick in my hand too hard?    Those thoughts are wiped from my mind as my orgasm erupts, I feel hands on my body holding me down as my hips try to buck.  My muffled moans vibrate against his cock, I feel him harden further… his throbbing cock begins to leak, a droplet of semen touches my tongue and I suck harder. The thought of him cumming in my mouth excites me so much so that my orgasm prolongs.  He pulls his cock from my mouth, for a second I feel disappointed until I hear his own moans, hot liquid spills onto my breast and nipple, our orgasms dissipate together and for a moment I feel at peace until I remember where I am.  I have 6 cocks left to please.

“Kneel my girl!”  I feel hands grip my arms, they help me to move from the desk to the floor.  Before I can kneel a man lays before me, his cock stands to attention.  I stand over him and watch as he strokes his cock… a wonderful invitation.  I lower myself gently, his cock enters me before my knees touch the floor, I lower myself inch by beautiful inch until he completely fills me.

“Lean forward, show us that beautiful arse because one of us is going to have the pleasure of fucking it.”  That isn’t the voice of my Master but I do as I am told.  As my hands find the floor the man below me touches my lips with his in what can only be described as a hungry kiss.  He wants to fuck me!

His hands hold my hips as he thrusts slowly in and out of my wet pussy, my hair is pulled back forcing my head up.  A cock pushes against my lips and I let him in.  His hands don’t leave my hair as he thrusts in and out, holding me still he tells me that he is in control… he holds that power over me.

Something tickles my anus, something warm..a tongue. I moan around the determined cock, the tongue teases me, probes further and further into my arse.  His cock leaves my mouth, I open my eyes and try to take in my surroundings.  Three naked men stand in front of me, one of which had just pulled his hot shaft from my mouth.  Each man is masturbating whilst watching the scene unfold, I have never been this turned on in my life.  I am pleasuring seven men!!

Cold fluid drips over my ass which makes me jump as much as the man beneath me will allow, a finger massages the fluid in before gently probing, little by little the finger enters my arse the ring of muscles fights to relax, I take a deep breath in allowing my body to calm.  Another man kneels before me, his hand firmly holds his cock as he gently rubs my lips with it’s head, I open my mouth to invite him in but he does not enter.  For a moment I think he is going to stand, until I feel his cock hit my face, a slapping noise bounces off the walls.  I’m shocked for a moment until he does it again…then again.  Each strike hits the side of my face, he growls before forcing his cock into my mouth, this is not a slow thrust…he wastes no time in getting to work.

What feels like two fingers now enter my back passage, thrusting in and out…deeper and deeper, the man below me still takes his time thrusting into me being careful not to move me too much whilst the man behind me gets my arse ready for his cock.

The cock in my mouth pulls out, I open my eyes and look at him.

“Bite my balls!” his voice desperate.  His balls move to my mouth, I take one of his shaven balls into my mouth and bite down a little, not enough to cause damage but enough to send a slither of pain throughout his body.  The sound that leaves his body thrills me, he moves his cock to my face and pumps his hand up and down vigorously, I open my mouth begging him to enter me but he stays where he is, I see his body tense as hot cum shoots from his cock.  I’m lucky enough to catch some in my mouth, its salty taste pleases my tongue.  His silky liquid lands on my cheek and nose, his breath slows and his body relaxes as he steps away from me.

“Brace yourself!” A strangers voice orders.

I feel his cock at my arsehole, he slowly begins to force his hot member into my hole.  I gasp, with one cock already deep in my pussy it feels as though there is no room for more but this doesn’t stop him.

Kind hands stroke my hair “ Good Girl, you’re doing so well.  Relax and let him in.” My Master is right, I need to relax.  I take deep breaths, and with each breath the man behind me enters further.

Once he is in he stills for a moment, I hear two men exchange words but I don’t hear what they say, my head spins with the sensation of being so full.  The man below me pulls his cock out, as he begins to enter again the cock in my arse pulls out, they set their rhythm at a steady pace.  I moan out loud, my pussy and arse both throb which only makes my nerves ignite.   I feel my body tense…. I begin to shake as my orgasm builds, I feel my body burning and my core turn to lava. I throw my head back “ Oh my god, I’m coming!!”

My body pulses around the cocks inside me, each one thrusting, milking my body…fucking me.. pleasing me.  I feel four hands grip my body harder, the man behind me moans as he spills his hot cum into my arse.  The cock in my pussy thrusts hard, desperate to empty his seed into my core.

My body feels weak, I’m hot and tired but I know I still have four men to please.  My Master picks me up and places me back onto the table, only this time he lays me at the end whilst on my side then steps away.

“Gentlemen, my lady awaits your cocks.”  The way in which he has laid me out gives easy access to all my holes.

One man takes his place at my arse, his cock in one hand as he lifts my leg high.  The other stands next to him and points his cock at my pussy.  In unison they place their dicks at my holes and slowly push into me.  I gasp…I moan…and I plead for them to fuck me, I feel animalistic, having these men use me as their toy makes me feel primal.

As they begin to quicken their pace I can’t help but watch them, their firm bodies flex as they thrust into me, their bodies sparkle with evidence of their control.

“Girl eyes on me now!”  My Master says with a firm tone, I move my head to the side so I can see him.  He has unzipped his suit pants and now holds his large cock in his hand. 

“I want to see your eyes as all three of your holes are getting fucked, do not take your eyes away from mine.  Do you understand?”  I nod my head “ Yes My Master.”

Another man stands to the side, from the way he has position himself I can still see my Master.  He thrusts his cock into my mouth.  This is it now, all three holes are full and are being fucked. 

I feel a finger rub my clit as the men fuck me.  My eyes widen.  I try to moan loudly but the dick in my mouth stops me.  Each cock fills me, stretches me…pleasures me.  My clit burns, My pussy burns..my body aches and all with pure pleasure.

Firm hands grip my body as the men thrust harder into my tender holes, I can hear the slapping of skin and the moans from the men who are drilling me.  More cold liquid is added to my pussy and arse before hands squeeze tighter, I feel the men pulling on my body trying to get deeper and deeper.  I suck hard on the cock in my mouth, my scalp stings from his hold.  I have three desperate men, all fucking me, all trying to cum… hard.

A flash of pain surrounds my clit as someone pinches it, the sensation sends me over board.  I can’t contain myself, I am no longer in control of my body as pleasure takes over. I feel the rush of liquid coat the cock inside my pussy as one of the men exclaims ‘Fuck yea she is a squirter!’

My body convulses as rough fingers continue to pinch my clit.  The cock in my mouth stills, he holds himself inside my mouth but will not allow me to move, I gag around him..his cock responds.

My eyes never leave my Master, he can see my pleasure just as I can watch as he fucks his hand.  Knowing he is getting off on me pleasing these men excites me to no end.  I can’t wait to show him how appreciative I am.

As my body pulses with the remains of my orgasm I tighten my pussy and ass.  I want my Masters cock in my mouth, which means I need to help these men along.

I moan on the cock in my mouth as my tongue caresses beneath it.  When his thrusts begin to quicken I know he is going to cum.  I louden my moans and suck a little harder, my free hand moves to his balls, my fingers teasing the sensitive flesh.

“ Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum in your mouth.”  Those words are like music to my ears.

I feel his hot cum spill into my mouth, I swallow down every drop.  I try to lick the tip of his dick but he takes it away from me leaving only my Master in plain sight.  My gaze never leaves his as I lick my lips, I know that gesture drives him crazy but he stays still….his cock still firmly fucking his hand.

The men at my side bang into me, my loud moans are free to escape now.  Their pace slows but their thrusts become harder..and harder.  I tense my muscles as hard as I can which makes them both curse out loud.

“Fuck yea, fuck yea ffuucckk yyeeaaaa” the man in my arse shouts.  He thrusts into me one last time before holding himself there, I feel his cum shoot into my arse, filling me with his enjoyment.  The cock in my pussy is not far behind, he thrusts the tip of his cock in my tight pussy over and over until he finally gives me his length.  His hot cock spills its fluid into me, I feel his body stiffen behind me as his orgasm takes over.

I smile at my Master and look to his cock, there may be six other men in the room but right now there is only me and him.  His legs begin to shake and I know he is close to release.

I move my hand to my nipple and use my fingers to pull, as I do my eyes widen and a gasp escapes my mouth.  I know he loves this and I know it will be enough to send him over the edge.  His gorgeous cock reddens, his pace quickens and his face firms.  He thrusts his hips and tightens his grip, white creams shoots from his cock and on to the floor.   I watch him closely.  Watching my Master wanking turns me on and already I can feel my body react.

He leaves his cock hanging from in between his zip as he walks towards me.  He circles me..

“My girl, you have cum leaking from your arse hole, you have cum running from your beautiful pussy and all over your tits and face.  I would say you have served these gentlemen well.  Well done!  Now tomorrow…I have another surprise for you.”

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