I Am Fear

I’d had an unsettling feeling, I had been in an executive meeting one which I was really prepared for.  I was fine until I walked into the board room,  I looked around the room to greet my audience I smiled to some, said good afternoon to others until my gaze met purple eyes….at least I thought they were purple on a second glance I noted they were green.  I didn’t have chance at the time to think about it more, as I was mesmerised by the man that they belonged to…. Anyway I’m getting carried away … where was I?  ah, yes.. I managed to get through the meeting but I had this feeling, almost like excitement and danger mixed together.  My body was on edge, I swear my erogenous zones were attached to a plug socket because they were buzzing, even my nipples ached from pressing up against the padding of my bra.  Whenever I blinked those purple eyes would momentarily haunt me, I really didn’t know what was happening to me.

I got home a hot mess, I took my clothes off only to realise how much my body had reacted, my skin was so sensitive, my breath caught as my breasts were finally released from their confines.. as the cold air tickled my sensitive nipples I couldn’t help but arch my back.  My underwear was wet with my arousal, I was confused, yet my pussy ached with need….I had been sexually on edge.

I crawled into bed that night confused but tired, I closed my eyes for what felt like a second and when I opened them I was no longer in my room.  My blue walls and white wardrobes were gone, in their place were brick walls and a huge old oak armoire.  I was surrounded by four large posts with black silk sheets cascading from their precipices.  I was no longer in my nighty, the bed’s red silk sheets caressed my naked body leaving me covered in goosebumps, I was almost lost in the pleasure of my strange dream when purple eyes met mine.  My pleasure instantly turned to panic.

I jumped from the bed, my mind swirled as my thoughts tried to comprehend what was happening to me.  For a moment I felt a sense of hope as my hand touched the door handle,  I tried to open the door but just as it opened enough for me to squeeze through a cold mist of dread descended around me and forced the door closed.  Hard hands closed around my naked hips and forcefully turned me around pinning me against what was my only hope of escape.  I tried to call out but what I can only describe as sensations or feelings  froze me mid scream,  I could feel hands on my body.  Not just any hands but strong hands, they caressed my breasts with force and pinched my nipples.  I was screaming in my mind for it to stop, shouting at myself to wake up but it didn’t make a difference  I was stuck in this room with….. it. 

As those primal hands reached in between my legs my eyes opened wide, I felt slick fingers sliding into my core with ease.  I cursed myself, how could my body betray me? How could I be so scared  yet be so…so aroused?.  I braced myself, ready to be impaled by rigorous fingers when the mist suddenly dissipated and I fell to the floor,  I pulled my legs to my chest and began to cry.  For what felt like minutes there was nothing to be heard apart from my sobs, my body shuddered with fright, my mind was blaze with my impending death.  When I finally plucked up the courage to look up those purple eyes once again met mine.

I froze, I held my breath as my eyes lowered.. it was no longer those eyes that scared me but the fangs which protruded from full, hard lips.  I awoke form that dream with only bruises on my body  and the slickness in between my legs to prove just how real it had been.

Since that night I have dreamt of that mist, it even dominates my thoughts during the day, each time  scarier than the last, its almost as if it’s getting stronger.   Those hands are relentless as they forcefully pleasure me,  I feel fangs scraping my skin threating to pierce and devour.

Last night whilst walking home from work I cut through an alley, I heard wind swishing behind me..I began to walk faster but it chased me until I was cut off from the world.  I began to panic as the mist backed me into a corner, it began to take on a human form as it came closer.  Hard hands gripped my  arms forcing them over my head as hot breath ticked my ear, it’s words were clear….”I’m coming for you Rio”.

Now I find myself running, between tears clouding my eyes and the fading sun, I couldn’t see where I was running.  I was about to wipe my eyes when I ran into something hard.  I knew instantly who it was.. my body reacted, I began to shake…. My breathing rapidly increasing, I tried to run away..tried to scream but once again I was frozen in place.

My gaze ran up the large suited body until I met it’s eyes….his eyes.  His moist tongue caught my gaze as he trailed it seductively along one of his fangs.

“ w..who are y..you? my shaking voice asked.

His sinister smile gave me no warmth as his hand gripped my throat threatening to squeeze my last breathe from my body.   He lowered his mouth to my neck, trailing his incisors over my skin.  An evil chuckle broke from his lips, just before he sank his fangs into my skin he whispered “ I am Fearᴉᴉ”.

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